Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Packing sucks!

O man there is soooo much work to do! When we bought our house almost four years ago I said to hubby that I would not move again for the next twenty years! Then almost two years later I packed everything, put our furniture in the basement and gave away hundreds of things and came to live (temporarily) in Saskatoon. Now almost two years later I am doing the same thing! Sheesh! Call me bint ba6oo6!

I have to take five bags with us to Toronto. Two bags for our winter clothes; two other bags will have our summer clothes and shoes. The last one is for all the toiletries and other stuff. When I am in Ontario I will be shopping some more, so I will need one more bag for all those extras that I cannot live without and do not want to risk not finding my brands in AmmanJ

I am clearing out my apartment so everything here is hubby’s. When he leaves Saskatoon who knows when he will have to give away everything we own here. Except for the camcorder, and the hundreds of books we have. Those will have to be shipped home.
I tried not to buy too many books here bas it is hard not to! O well!

I think everything has been de cluttered here. I just hope that everything I want to take with me will fit in the bags I still have to pack! I threw so many things away, and now I have 10 garbage bags and 3 huge boxes of things that will be picked up tomorrow by the Canadian diabetes association! Hubby is so going to hate me while going all those trips downstairs to leave the bags to be picked up! An early morning exercise!

I will officially start packing tomorrow! I really hate packing! I will have to do it all over again when we come back to Canada from Amman! Lovely! After that I will not move again! Never ever ever! Hubby can go wherever he wants to go, I am so sick of moving, packing and giving my stuff and the kids stuff away. If I ever gain weight again (god forbid) I will not have any fat clothes, you know how horrible it is shopping for fat clothes?! And if I lose more than 10lb I do not have any ultra skinny clothes left! Hmm although it is really no problem shopping for skinny clothes, it is actually fun! And I doubt I will lose more than 10lb. Ok yeh I do not want to lose more than 10lb, ewww! We do not want a too skinny Sam, now do we? So never mind! Besides all my too skinny clothes are from college days, I will not be wearing them now even if I still had them. I really need to end this paragraph eh?!

Zozo is having a hard letting go of his things! Today he cried his eyes out because I told him we have to throw the markers away! Most of them are dry anyways because the kids keep on forgetting to put the caps back on! But still! I will leave them in a box here and hubby can throw them out when we are gone!
Ok so that was my vent for today, back to preparing to pack! Two weeks from now I will be packing our stuff again to go to Amman. Did I mention that I hate packing?! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


Sel3 said...

i will start packing up for my vacation in Amman this weekend, and yes it sucks!

Anonymous said...

Packing is always hard but I find looking for gifts to take with you is even harder..I hope you are done with the gifts, everybody will be waiting for a little something from canada :)In case you take gifts with you, share some ideas with us ??
Good luck :)

Sam said...

sel3 good luck packing..4 more days for u eh?:) have fun in amman!

noura...i am actually not taking many gifts this time...since we will be in amman for 6-12months i have to take lots of our stuff and can only take 6 bags..they barely fit our stuff:( so im just taking what they requested some gum and a makeup box for hubby's neice..and an outfit for a my husband's nephew's new born son..i can not resist baby shopping...i cant wait to get to gymboree in toronto..there are none in saskatoon:(
but last year i took those funky watches from ardene for my husband's neices and they were a hit..they are all in their 20's so they are kinda of hard to shop for....and for the guys addidas and nicky T-shirts...they were a hit as well..for the ladies and the men i took perfume...but this year they get nothing..7aram...i wish i could but I can not carry much:(

Anonymous said...

The watches and perfumes are a great idea hopefully for my trip next year.. I usually buy little things here and there when I find a good sale and save it..But you are right,you are staying for a long period and you need to be prepared and now with all the new rules, travelling has become harder.. Hope u will be able to blog from Amman and let us know how you are doing :)
Best of luck.