Sunday, July 29, 2007

Everyone Loves Marineland

"There's a place I know, in Ontario, where the sea lions kiss, so the story goes, its amazing shows and Friendship Cove, Everyone loves Marineland!"

We went to Marine Land this weekend. It was fun; I have not been there since hmmmmmmm forever, since before I got married. It is a lot nicer now. The kids had a blast, and yeh I did too. We went on most of the kiddies rides. Except for the few that Bolbol was too small to ride on!

We got stuck on the roller coaster, I was thankful it was the kid’s roller coaster we were stuck on and not the huge one! Which I did not get a chance to go on this time, but it is ok. I’ve been on those huge roller coasters too many times to count, but I have never been on the kid’s rides before.

It was a gloomy rainy day; it rained most of the morning! It poured on us and ah my hair! My poor poor hair! I straightened in the morning, and within few minutes it was curly! We finally decided that it is not going to stop raining and bought some for those raincoats they sell. We all looked funny, in a cute kind of way, but 10 minutes later the sun came out and we all got dry! Go figure! It was actually fun being in the rain; I have not been out in the rain for so long!

We got to feed the deer, and then the bears! Two bears were so faj3aneen. Bolbol and I threw them all of our crackers and cookies and they still wanted more! The deer were so cute. The whales were incredible! Those orcas and the belugas, wow! So much fun to watch under water! And the dolphins were so darned cute! Oooo and the seals too! The kids were amazed at them all; they have never seen these big sea mammals up close.

And OMG OMG OMG! Three more day before we leave to Amman! I still did not find my perfect black, cute, but still comfy to wear all over black shoes! It is so annoying! They have tons of beige shows, and I want to buy and buy them…but I can only take so many shoes with me! And I need black ones to go with my black skirts and Capri’s! Uff! What age do we live in when you can not find the perfect black comfy but still cute shoes with heels (since I am a shortie)

I am so dreading packing again! I heard that they lowered the weight restriction to only 23Kg for international flight going out of Toronto, but I can not find any of this information on their airport’s website, they just say to refer to your carrier. Well not that I will be packing more than 23kg per bag, but you never know! Shoes do weight a lot!

Ok enough babbling! I will be spending six whole hours at Abu dhabi airport before going to Amman. I will be meeting with my cousin who I grew up with, but have not seen since 1993. It will be fun seeing him again, even if it is for few hours.


Maioush said...

Sounds like so much fun :D … I’m glad you guys had fun, and LOL @ faj3aneen :D I didn’t hear this word for sooooooo long :D .. how cute ..
And wow, 3 days and your off to amman??? God this is so real now Sam!!! Well I hope you find your perfect black , I’ve been trying to find some like forever!!! They all kids of colors but not black these days!!! What’s with that??

Sam said...

maioush u too..u cant find the perfect black shoes? wow...i guess it is not just a conspiracy against me...u r the third person to say the same thing:)