Thursday, July 5, 2007

Random Rambles

Cleaning up is so overrated. You tidy up and few minutes later the mess is back, what the heck is the point?

I am so sick of doing the laundry! I have to do one load each day at least. Uggh! My laundry room is a mess! I am not going to do any laundry today! I need a break man!

I finally got my eyebrows waxed yesterday. I have been doing it myself and I screwed up bad. I started growing them and it was scary!! There has got to be a place in Amman that waxes eyebrows! I will not let anyone with a string near me! I do not get it. With waxing it is a couple of few ouches and you are done. With the string it s ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch a million times! And then the ingrown hairs! OMG those just look nasty! I never got those with waxing. The stupid thing is that when those girls are killing you with the string, they have the nerve to diss waxing! Never again!

My son is scared of a stupid fly!! He wants me to go after and kill it! I am not in a fly killing mood right now! This past weekend I came across those weird bugs. They look like an overgrown fly and they sting. Ouch! Those were nasty! They made regular flies look cute and harmless!

My carpet needs shampooing so bad! Someone was supposed to be coming but oops it collides with Friday prayer times so I had to cancel because hubby has became all religious all of the sudden and does not miss Friday prayers anymore. So I have to live with yucky carpet for a while longer! I am so getting hardwood the minute I move back to my house, no more carpet for me except in the bedrooms.

I have seven garbage bags and two boxes full of stuff to give away to the diabetes foundation. I need them to come and pick them up soon. I have packed our winter clothes so far. I have two bags full, and I will pack two bags with our summer clothes and one bag for our other stuff. I can take six bags all together. To Toronto I can only take five because I need to take the car seats as well. I will be doing a lot of shopping in Toronto so I will need one more bag. Six bags all together, we will look ridiculous at the airport! But he my friend went to Lebanon for few months last summer and for the four of them they had eight bags!

I will go and get my hair highlighted this weekend. I have not highlighted my hair for few years now, wish me luck. Hubby and the kids will go swimming while I am doing that, so I do not have to worry about coming home to a super messy house.

I am so going to miss while driving in Amman!

I still have not lost any weight! I have not been able to make it to the gym as much as I would have liked! Because of hubby and the car! I am never ever ever, ever not going to have my own car again, NEVER! If hubby ever whines about the extra $500 we pay for a second car I will remind him of these two past years in Saskatoon! It has been horrible! And I will not drive a van! Khalas I am so putting my foot down about this!

Ok I enough rambling for now! I have so much to do today!


Maioush said...

Ok .. looks like someone is in a bad mood .. tawli balek Sam :)
Well, cleaning up with kids around is so hard I totally understand that.
As for you not losing weight, well.. that’s also understandable with all the stress you’re going through with you moving to Amman, and all the other things, ya3teeki el 3afyeh
Don’t worry you’ll eventually lose it, I was like that too walahi
Take it easy my dear .. :)

7aki Fadi said...


kinzi said...

Ya Sam, habeebti, hang in there...our lives are SO alike!!

Who's-sane! said...

hehehehehe, I liked all that rambling! :D