Monday, July 23, 2007

Blah Blah

I love being here; there is so much to do. There are lots of people to visit and hang around with as apposed to the nice people I know in Saskatoon (and again this includes three babies). Today we went to a picnic at the beach and although I thought it would be boring, it was actually a lot of fun. The kids had a blast and I got to spend time with lots of people I have not seen for months. We went canoeing and for the first time ever I was not worried about falling out. I had my life jacket and did not have to worry about losing my contacts! of course we did not fall out. The kids loved it. I went with my brother in law, my nephew and Zozo. I was rowing but was not really helping at all, my brother had to do all the work. But I did get a good upper body workout. I ran so much after Mr Bilal AKA Mr Runaway, I am sure I burned a million calories today!

Poor hubby is depressed! I feel so bad for him. I wish I can make it better. I guess the best thing I can do is speak more Arabic to the kids so we get over this soon and be together again, hopefully in Toronto because Saskatoon is so darned boring! Mostly because the people we know there are super boring and are not fun to hang around with.

I feel so fat, I have got to lose weight…waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I hate being fat! Everyone says I have lost weight, gosh these people need glasses, I am huge!

I really hate this I have to have Tim Horton’s cash with me all the time! I love how at Tim Horton’s in Western Canada you can pay by debit or visa. So I never have to worry about having enough cash! I’ve had to drive past Timmy’s few times this past week when I really wanted some coffee due to this no cash thing.

I love driving on the highway. I do not believe some people do not like it. (Looking towards someone whose blog starts with 7) I have really missed highway driving in Saskatoon. Since there are no nearing cities to drive to, all my driving is in the city, zzzzzzz boooring! But here I have to drive between Hamilton and Mississauga few times a week. It is so carefree, speeding, but not enough to have to pay a hefty fine. I am so going to miss when I am in Jordan. Heck I am going to miss driving period!

I have decided I am going to get into Harry potter! Few times in the past years I wanted to, but this fantasy stuff just did not appeal to me. But now I got to, I need to, I want to read all seven books and watch the DVDs! But I am going to Jordan, where the heck am I going to get the books?? It is not like there is a public library there! Something else both Ziad and I will miss. We enjoy our weekly library visits. Zozo comes back with 20 books, Bilal 5 board books, and I come back with 3 books. Zozo will not be too sad, because I will buy him a couple of Arabic children books every week or so, but what about me?? I do not want to buy books because I may not be able to bring them back to Canada with me, since they weigh a ton! Ah what a dilemma! *sniff, sniff*

Ok lastly OMG 10 days before we leave to Jordan, major butterflies in my tummy! What if my inlaws become different and like other inlaws I know...What if I do not like it there??
What if my kids do not like it? What if I am just not Arab enough and people will not like me there? What if I do not make any friends, I am so darned shy! What if am going to do with Bolbol when we go out, he is so horrible with running away from me! Stupid horrible 3’s! is it July 20th 2008 yet?
ps: I know the picture has nothing to do with my post..but I found it on my brother's computer and thought it cute...:)


7aki Fadi said...

LOL Sam, fada7teeny...LOL.

Sam said...

*lol* 7aki sorry...i just thought of u while driving on the QEW that day:p