Sunday, July 15, 2007

We are finally home, well at my parent's house. Our flight was great! It was actually early this time! The kids were great on the plane! Air Canada finally has TV's on the planes! So the kids got to watch a some TV, I didn't even need to use our DVD players.

We had 5 bags, so heavy!! During our flight I was dreading getting our luggage. Each bag was 50lb. We had to pay extra because two of them had 55 and 53 lb. But I did it! I got the luggage out off the conveyor belt all alone and put them on the two carts all alone! NO help from anyone. Toronto airport does not have porters on the national flights area, and no one from outside can come in to help. At Saskatoon airport the baggage area is right by the door, so hubby usually does all the dirty luggage work!

Hubby was making fun of me for packing so much! He knows I am never a light traveler. You never know what happens when you are away from home, so you always need extra clothes. And let's not forget about all the toiletries a person needs. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotions, face wash and day time lotion, night time lotion, hair gel for straight hair, and another for curly hair, hair spray flexible hold for and extra hold, makeup, hair dryer, hair straighter, ah the list goes on! I wish I was one of those people that can travel with a small bag! But yeh no that will not be happening soon! We are allowed two 50lb bags, why not use them all??

Ok so now I am in Ontario, home sweet home! I actually felt bad leaving Saskatoon! And I am already missing hubby like crazy!! It is finally hitting! This morning I woke up with butterflies in my tummy! I will be thousand and thousands of miles away from my baby, is October ye??!:(

Zozo loves being here, he is talking so much. Bilal is not too happy I guess, he already misses his baba. He is only almost three though; he will be over it soon :)

I am off to the mall to find a dress for the wedding this afternoon, wish me luck! It is so hard to
find a cute dress that fits me with my 8lb that I have not lost that is somewhat msatar….*sigh*


Maher said...

Glad to hear that your home.
Have Fun in Ontario :>

Ps : is Ontario near Toronto?

Sam said...

Toront is in ontario...ontario is a province, and toronto is it's capital...we are 30min away from Toronto:)
Thank you maher:)

7aki Fadi said...

il7amidillah 3ala ilsalameh :).

Hamilton nawwarat .. Hamilton sa7?

7aki Fadi said...

oh by the way, did you find a dress? I need to buy a dress too for my brother in laws wedding ..and YIKES.. I am just lazy/ unmotiviated to buy one. How was the selection where you went?

Sam said...

thank u 7aki:) nice weather eh? i was so worried about it being too hot here...
i actually found three dresses i liked at laura at limeridge mall...bas i want to go to square one in mississauga and see more...:)

7aki Fadi said...

cool, i will check limeridge out, thanks :D

Jundi said...


Sam said...

7aki check laura at fairview mall...i'll be going to erin mills in mississauga to check it out tomorrow as well..u know before i make my final decision..and transit has the cuteeeeeeeeessssssssttttttt shoes having dreams about those shoes...i gotta buy them.. u men wont do the same...about unimportant men stuff of course:)

Omar said...

welcome to Toronto.. I say that as if I live in the city permanently.

Hope you have a nice time, and mayb I'll bump into you on yonge st. one of these days ;)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

hope you will find a good dress that will not show the extra weight you gained.. this is tough!

enjoy the wedding and your stay :)

Sam said...

Omar thank u:)
no u wont find me in toronto actually, i stay between hamilton, milton and mississauga. bas i do love toronto:)

amal thank you:) i will go see more dresses today...and buy one..bas i found the perfect cutest shoes ever so at least...i wish shopping for dresses was this easy:)