Monday, July 9, 2007

More rambling from me

OMG 24 more days until we are in Amman!!! Should I start panicking yet??
Ok let’s talk about something else…hmmmmmmmm


I finally bought my new laptop! Yippy! I went for an HP AMD Tarion, 1GB(will expand it to 2GB later), 160GB, 1.8GHz. Ok so I have no idea what they mean but hey it is a cute looking laptop. But it only has a French manual. I know some French, but not enough to read a whole freakin manual! Grrrrrr…I have put all my files, and favourites, downloaded messenger , it all ready to go.

This weekend I finally got my hair highlighted. Hubby is not too crazy about; he likes my hair dark. Bas I am sooooooo sick of the same colour, it is time for a change! I like it, and zozo likes it.

We went to pike lake yesterday and guess what? I still know how to swim! I even went down the water slide!!! I have never been down a waterslide! At the water parks I just stay in the pool because of my contacts! But now thanks to lazik I was able to go down the slide and not worry about losing my contacts when I hit the water. We went down four times. It was fuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn!

I so have got to start packing! Have our winter clothes all packed. I am praying that our clothes and stuff we want to take with us will fit in the 3bags I still have to pack!

I cannot wait to see my family in Ontario. I have not seen them since Christmas time! That is 7months ago! The longest I have ever gone without seeing them! We will spend two weeks in Hamilton at my parents’ house. I have so many friends I have to go visit all over the GTA area, get our yearly physical exams (YIKES), shop for a dress for the wedding and few other things, check up on my cute house, and have a birthday party for my son! These two weeks will go by so fast! I may not even have time to blog!! Ah who am I kidding, I will find time!

Ok so that is enough rambling for today. It is a yucky rainy day and I have people coming to clean my carpet. Last time hubby did such a bad job, he is not allowed to shampoo the carpet anymore!


Maher said...

Oh God, You know how to Swim??
Tell you a secrect? i really dont know how to swim! LOL

Jundi said...

lol i like how you listed all your laptop's specs it seemed like you were trying to wow us at first but then you said i have no idea what any of those things mean haha

Oriental Arabesque said...

wow! there's a lot for you to do! it's always the case before traveling...i have few things left too and i have to start with them today or i'll be in trouble :)

good luck :)

7aki Fadi said...

Mabroooooooooooook the laptop.

It has a camera?
what is that little thingie on the left? a remote?

Sam said...

maher..aparently swimming is like riding a bike, once u learn how to do it u always do:) laaa mish ma3ool..u have got to learn how to swim? what if u r on a boat and it sinks??

jundi i know i sounded like such a show off for a minute eh?? well it also has vista and office 2007..which are very nice too:)

OA i know so much to do...this is one thing i do not like about travelling..but this is extra work since im going to be in amman for such a long time:( o well..good luck to u too:)

7aki..yeh it has a web cam..and it is a remote for the is small and cute..thank u :)