Thursday, July 19, 2007

A busy day

I am so beat today. The kids and I went to the doctor’s for our yearly physical. I hate it..I had to do a blood test and not be a baby because my kids were there and I had to be brave…I wanted to be a baby and say aw aw aw…but nooooooooooo I smiled and didn’t even say ouchi or anything. I will not take them with me next year!

I didn’t eat all day, I only had a light breakfast before I left so my blood test will be accurate so by 4:00 pm I was starving and had a headache. The kids and I went to Harvey’s, since we have not eaten there in so long. There aren’t any Harvey’s in Saskatoon. I was so hungry I went all our. Usually I order the veggie burger or grilled chicken and a salad. But today I got a hamburger and a poutine! YUM! Ok it was not so yummy after I ate the whole thing.

Then we went to the mall. I wanted to look for a dress, no such luck and the store where I liked the dresses the other day didn’t have any size 4 in the dresses I wanted. Not even a 6 which would have fit ok too. So I have to go back to the mall in Hamilton and pray that they still have a 4 or a 6! This is why you should buy things when you first like then and not wait! But I did find a book to read on my flight by my favourite author! So I was happy about that. Before leaving the mall the kids and I stopped at dairy queen and got ice-cream! Since I was already bad today I decided to go all out, so I ordered the brownie volcano sundae. OMG it was so good! Well it was not so good after I finish the whole thing. Ok I did share with Bolbol! But he is such a slow eater; I ate the most of it L

A nice end to the day was a trip to the ER. After we got home, Bolbol was playing in the front yard and he ran off the neighbor’s yard to get away from my mom. A second later he screams bloody murder. We had no idea what happened. He kept on saying wawa , wawa. His finger started swelling up and we notices 2 small bites. I though maybe a spider, but it really looks like a snake fangs because there are 2 small little dots on either side of his finger. His finger swelled more and so did the lower part of his hand. To be on the safe side we took him to the ER. But while we were there the swelling started coming down and he was such a happy kid, running all over the ER. We didn’t wait that long, we were out within an hourJ He got a fish sticker, which he lost in the car coming home.
This is Bolbol’s 4th trip to the ER! The first two times we took him to get something out of is nose! Ah I am so thankful we are out of that sticking everything in his nose phase! Once there was a bead, and another time he has a whole freaking peanut! The other million of things he stuck in there hubby and I were able to get out. Once he had a very bad ear infection in the middle of the night, and now this a bite. I am a million years old and I have only been to ER once!

Let’s hope for a better day today. We are off to do more shopping and visiting friends later.


Globalorama said...

I am glad Bolbol is fine after being bit by a (snake?)
I am of no authority to talk about dresses, but I like shopping like no other. so, I couldn't help it but read your shopping part of the post.

7aki Fadi said...

lol@ "Well it was not so good after I finish the whole thing" ... too funny .. this is a funny post.

And My daughter used to stick everything in her nose, sheesh , what's wrong with these

OH OH OH OH .. I found THE PERFECT DRESS for my brother in laws wedding, OMG it is sooooo pretty and swirly and pretty and I love it :), I sooo lucked out man, for real, It was the first store and the first dress I tried on :D .. and and and it was for 375 and I got it on sale for 130 ????!!!! LIKE OMG ... LOL .. could you tell I am super excited? But it's REALLY pretty 3anjad. I went to Burlington mall and J. Michaels has a crazy sale there. Go check it out, not sure about your size though , like 4??? What are you? a doll? hehehehe

Sam said...

globalrama thank you, yeh he is fine now...:) and has forgotten about whatever bit him...:)

7aki, mabrook on your dress! i bought one from laura today...i wanted a short dress to show off my soooo cute shoes! which are going to so kills me but they are soooooo so tempted to take a picture of them and blog it:) wow i checked j micheals at limbridge mall..but they didnt have a crazy sale:(
i ended up buying a size 6...the 4 was not very comfy..and i wanna be able to dance and i'll be running around after my kids...unless my sister in law leaves them with her mail...please please please!

Sam said...

oops i meant have got to stop typing to fast...

Maher said...

El 7amdella bolbol is safe!

oh and i miss dairy queen! :<

7aki Fadi said...

mabrook for the dress! yeah yeah I love to see shoes blog it :). I am gonna go look for shoes on the weekend. I kinda feel like new Sandals, and I have an excuse... hehehehe ... although I just bought sandals last week .. hehehehe.

Sam said...

thank u maher...yeh dairy queen is yummy...i want to try that cup cone before i leave.:)

7aki, than u:) i'll take a picture of my sooo cute but sooo high shoes later today:) check transit and aldo...i bought mine from transit..:)