Thursday, March 6, 2008

snow, gym, driving ....

I have not posted for a while...I wanted to, but my complaints, rants and rambles (although they are all valid) seemed silly when everyone is posting about Gaza and more serious matters. But lets face it, I am not an issue blogger and probably will never beL

This morning my alarm went off at 6:45am, I have it set to 99.9fm so if there any school closure due to the weather I would know before I get up. We had yet another snow storm on Tuesday, but schools were open on Wednesday, it was still snowing on Wednesday morning. Transportation was cancelled so of course Ziad didn't go to school! Even I wanted to drive him to school I would not be able to; I had 20cm of snow on my driveway.

Since I have been back 1mo and 1wk ago I have had to shovel snow at least 7times!! My house is on a corner lot! It is great I get plenty of lights, I can see all directions from my house but I have a huge side walk to shovel snow off! AH my poor poor back! It took me two hours to shovel my single car driveway, while doing it I was thankful that we did not buy the bigger house with a two car driveway! So finally I had everything cleared, people will not curse at me when they walk on the sidewalk, no one will sue me for falling on my driveway and we are good!

Now I have a huge dilemma! We are expecting another storm on Saturday, 10-15cm of snow! Great no problem I am all stocked up on food and will be out shopping on Friday, shovelling the snow is no problem I am so used to it now , and it is a good exercise so no biggie! But I have a 4 foot pile of snow around the driveway! Where am I going to put the new snow???? Unless by some miracle a few inches of snow melt off those piles by Saturday shovelling snow will be even harder!

In this one month and one week I have shovelled more snow that I have in my 30some years living on this earth! I am so buying a snow blower! BUT I am sure once we buy one it will stop snowing! This has been one crazy year!

OK snow post is over...but I am not done "talking"

I finally joined a gym!! I joined on Saturday and so far I have worked out 2x! I figured I did not need to go to the gym yesterday since I got my workout from 2hrs of shovelling snow. Today I am super sore! My arms are sore from shovelling and my legs are sore from my lower body workout on Tuesday so I figured today I will rest my muscles. So yay! I am on a roll...I hope I can make it to the gym 4x next week! Although I have two kids to put at the small child minding room since it is March break next week, but it is ok.

The gym I joined is inside the superstore! Pretty dangerous for me considering that I am a shopaholic, so unless I need to pickup some milk or other groceries I am going to leave my wallet in the car! Ok yeh whatever! We are screwed!

Hubby is planning on leaving Saskatoon next Saturday! He is driving here since he has to bring his car, the million books we have there and other stuff. We are praying for good weather and please please no snow! It is a 3000KM drive I believe, about 30hrs driving. He will be stopping for the night in three different cities, driving about 9hr/day. I wish I could go there and then we drive together, but I do not want the kids missing too much school, they have already missed too much and I am sure my mom will be pulling her hair if I leave the kids with her for 5 days!:( O well...inshallah everything will be ok for him!


7aki Fadi said...

We have a mountain in front of our house, so big that you can't see the front door standing right in front of it. LOL.

This winter has been ridiculous; you should have waited to come back like end of March or something. You are so tiny to shovel all that snow !

Qabbani said...

hey :)

i hope ur fine and every thing going cool :)

for some reason i miss ur posts :)

have a nice day

Hamza said...

and to top it all, I bet your fingers were sore from typing all that. :P

Maher said...

30 hour drive? allah ykooon be 3ono!
i remember when my friend drove 10 hours from Lousiana To Chicago o 7amalne jmeleeh! lol

Sam said...

7aki yeh im yelling *silently* at my hubby for making me come in feb!:(

qabbani thank u so sweet of u to miss my posts:) we are good alhamdollah:)

hamza...good excersise!:p

maher yeh 10hrs is nothing...we drive that for a weekend getaway sometimes:) bas yeh 30hrs in march going through sk, mb and nothern ontario is no fun..but it is a fun drive in the summer:)

Anonymous said...

yikes 30 hours!
I drove from Jersey to Toronto 8 hours and was so sick of it... Allah y3eeno wo inshallah yousal bl salameh ya rab.

KJ said...

Miskeen hubby, I do feel for him!

When he comes reward him with a clean driveway, so pick up that shovel again and get to work! I think a blower would be great. You can use it in autumn too to make a leaves tornado loool. Or threaten the little ones with it if they don't do their homework :D hehe

tinkerbella said...

i am sick of this tipsy weather, first its warm then its freezing cold with goddamn snow falling BUT NOT STICKING TO THE GROUND
i dont mind cold if we have snow, but then again, i've never had to shovel snow so I don't know what u're talkin' bout :P

yala ya3teeki el3afyeh o safe drive for ur hubby insha Allah!

Sam said...

batoul thankfully hubby loves driving..his favourite thing to do everyday is take us for a ride around the i am excited now...we will be driving around the GTA area which is alot bigger than our drive in tiny more time for us to chitchat while the kids are sitting in their carseats enjoying the views:)

reward him with a clean driveway?? well it is clear now..i will post pictures of all the work i have had to do these past weeks...if it snows i will leave it for him to clear..he has not shovelled snow in over 2ys..!:p

tinker i would not mind snow that does not stick ...actually i would prefer it! but no such luck! for me:(

Crystal Bell said...

This is one of the reasons I adore living in the south of USA.

Another reson is the Southern Men,Oh La La !

Summer said...

I thought you would be posting about blog about jordan day today!!! i will check your blog later. have a great day.