Monday, March 31, 2008

the stain

few days ago my kids were eating strawberries...they do love strawberries, and they are very healthy for them lots of vitamin C and other goodies, besides they do taste great!

While I was busy upstairs Bilal decided that it would be nice to share the strawberries with the carpet! MY WHITE CARPET! he squished the strawberries into my carpet with his feet in few different spots! MY WHITE CARPET! Ziad AKA telltale...he reminds me of little me! I used to wait until my brother did the smallest thing and go tell my parents...came running and told me of what Bilal did

I did not even panic! I do have my trusted spray carpet cleaner. Bilal did get a time out for five whole minutes in his room, where he has his books and some of his toys! But he screamed for the whole five minutes! I do not get kids! It is his bedroom where he spends lots of time, not a jail! I got my spray carpet cleaner and within two minutes my carpet was all clean like magic!

My carpet has been through so much! Once Ziad decided that paper is not good enough so he drew on the carpet with green and black crayons and red and pink markers!!!! My trusted carpet cleaner got them out, while I was yelling at Ziad like a mad woman! It was during Ramadan and I had guests coming in less than an hour! poop?? yes it got it out with no stain. Cranberry juice?? Yes it also got that! Chocolate milk? not a problem!

surprisingly I could not get stains this easily out of the dark grey carpet I had in the apartment in Saskatoon or the coloured carpet I had in Amman. Weird eh? everyone keeps on saying how we are idiots for picking white carpet for our house, but seriously after living with darker carpet I would pick the white again! We shampoo it once is a month or as needed..and for spot cleaning I have my trusted spray cleaner and it looks OK , much better than the dark ones in my apartment in Saskatoon or at my parent's family room! In a couple of years we will be getting hard wood installed downstairs, but when we are done through having kids inshallah...I am not a fan since I have lived in my parents hard wood floored house for years and hated it! But it is preferred by buyers so we have to get it done


nido said...

one of the houses I go teach at has white carpet everywhere...the first time I saw it shining, I thought it's all white marble! I love white carpets...lots of work but worth it!

Qwaider قويدر said...

You know, there are carpets that have been pretreated with scotch gaurd. These don't get stained easily. And even if you do get stains on them, they're very easy to clean

I suffer from stains so much because of Tara. So my next stop is going to either be hardwood floors, or pretreated carpets.

Omar said...

that's quite amazing.. my mom would love some of that spray

Anonymous said...

your magic spray would be?!!? i'm impressed, are you advertising? cuz it worked lool :P and lol@the list of things that have gotten on the carpet.

Sam said...

nido it is not more work than dark carpet..with white u see the wasakh right away and clean it right away...:)

Q i do not know if it was pretreatread ...maybe it was...:)

omar it is called prosolve...pretty handy little thing:)

batoul yeh aid and im sure there is more in store for my poor carpet..with two boys and now a is prosolve spray...i can not live without it!

tinkerbella said...

wow, a carpet cleaner that can clean a strawberry stain off a white carpet that well.. I'm impressed!

Also impressed that your carpet is WHITE with two boys in the house.

Supermom Sam... mashallah :)

Amjad Wadiِ said...

we would have needed dozens of that spray .. one of my brothers was specialized in "kab kasaat il shaay" not even while a kid, not even after high school, not even after university, not even after post grad education, not even after getting married, even after having a baby, he is stills specialized in it :-)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

i wanted a white living room.. but hubby kept on convncing me not to.. becuase it will trouble me in the long run.. and i am glad i listened to him..
Your carpet cleaner is fantastic! I hope we have the same in Amman, it will be useful one day :)

anisa said...

what is the brand of your carpet cleaner?

once my 3 year old grabbed a cartoon of eggs (which I had thought was out of reach) and started throwing them around. I was in another room and could not hear the eggs landing on the soft carpet. EGGS ARE THE ABSOLUTE WORSE THING EVER TO CLEAN UP FROM CARPETS!!!Even a berber carpet. It took forever. The egg set despite me cleaning and made the carpet hard. Grr....

Sam said...

tinker..yeh lots of yelling and asking to take their shoes off...just yesterday ziad got in trouble for coming in with his shoes after playing in the yard..he put himself in timeout..

Amajad welcome to my blog:) allah ysa3ed his sister was like that..we used to call her farkoshi...but she grew out of it now that she has white carpet as well:)

amal it is a good thing u didnt get will be good until u get family room sofa is white..ya haram what it has been is not white anymore..and i cant find slip covers for it...annoying ikea!

Sam said... is called prosolve...a red bottle ...u can find it at walmart and other stores...:)

Sam said...

o sorry anisa..i wanted to say that my 3yo got into the throwing egg habit as just so glad he did it while we were in jordan with no carpet on the floor except in the bedrooms...they are even hard to clean off the floor..and o the so glad he is out of this phase!

KJ said...

I must have your carpet cleaner

Qwaider قويدر said...

Speaking of carpet cleaning
I scheduled carpet steaming folks to come and clean the carpets :)

Anonymous said...


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