Wednesday, March 26, 2008

a new member in our family!

No no no..I am not pregnant and I did not have a baby!

We are getting a kitten!! My first pet ever! Ok I had a bird named Ziko once (whome I am accused of killing just because I was the last person with him hmmmmmmmmm, it might have been a girl..why did we assume it is a boy all these years..makes u go hmmmmmmmmmmmm eh?) and I have had few fish, but a cat is different, it is a real pet. It will not be harder than taking care of kids eh?? I mean I do not have to wakeup at night to feed her,read to her, not go to bed until she is sleeping and so on... and I can go out and leave her at home so it is 1000000000 times easier than a baby! I already had two babies and they have survived so I guess I did ok sa7?

I am off to buy cat stuff today, a scratch post, a bed, a litter box and scoop and the stuff you put in a litter box, some toys and food! I hope I am not missing anything.

Hopefully we will pick her up today! I want to name her cookie...Ziad wants to name her Ahmad, why Ahmad, you ask, I have no idea, but she is a girl so we can not name her Ahmad no matter how much of a fight Zozo put up, besides the fish we have is named Ahmad!

O speaking of the fish...Zozo is such a cutie. He wanted a cat for weeks now, but then we got the fish so he stopped talking about the cat for a while. I asked him if he wanted to get a cat still and he answered "Cats eat fish, we have to wait until Ahmad and Tamara the fish die and then we get a cat!" Tamara did pass away, but Ahmad is still alive and swimming! I told him that not all cats are like Tom (Tom & Jerry) faj3aneen and they will not want to eat the fish, gosh I hope that is true! So now he stopped worrying about the fish and wants a cat more than anything in the world! Speaking of Tom and Jerry, do you think our new cat will like watching that with us?? or maybe I shouldn't, I do not want to give her any ideas eh?


Qwaider قويدر said...

Mabroooooooooook :)
Although I'm not a cat person. But I'm sure the little ones will have so much fun with the family pet :)

nido said...

Ahmad the fish...Ahmad the cat!!!
This is soooo funny!!! and I really thought you are pregnant for a second :pp

Maioush said...

hehehehe mabroooook! :D i thought that you are having a baby :D so i was like sho fi? sheklo mwsem LOL!
i love cats, i used ot have a cat, no no he didn't die, i jyst had to leave him in amman :S allah ysahhel 3aleak ya 3antar :D

Anonymous said...

Loool, at they survived. :D

You have strange names for your pets. :D

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

mabrook the pet :) i like its name.. post cookie's pic next time..i am not a fan of animals :) i just like to watch them "men b3eed la b3eed", other wise i am just uncomfortable. Golden fish were the only exception, but no more pets no more! :)

Sam said...

Q yeh i was never an animal scared of them...but it will be nice to have a pet and to not be scared im sure the boys will have a blast with it..:)

nido yeh this is why i wrote that im not pregnant...although baby fever is back ..uggh! no no baby..i need to lose 10-15 before i can get pregnant..i want to be pregnant and cute not pregnant and fat:)

maioush yeh not yet..maybe in oct we will start thinking about ttc..for another summer baby...inshallah..3antar is a cool name..if we do get a boy cat maybe we will steal the name:)

jasimd this is what you get when u let a 6yo pick pet names..his new favourite person is ahmad so everything is named ahmad!

amal...yeh that is how i trying to change was so nice holding a cat when i went to the pet store the other was so cute...but never a pertified of dogs!

Simply Me said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! it's so exciting. We are planning to get a dog, and whenever I think about it I get super excited. The problem it needs so much time and attention, and right now non of us really have time for that.. so maybe after the last semester, I hope I can wait till then :D

KJ said...

Cats are amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing OMG you will have the time of your life! They'll love your regardless hehehe :D

I miss having hundreds of kittens around :(

Anonymous said...


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