Sunday, March 30, 2008

cookie (baskoti)

We finally got the kitten...she is adorable and so cuddly!

Her name is cookie in english...Baskoti in Arabic and nick named pospos..

Ziad is still scared to hold her ,but he plays chase the rope with her. Bilal is picking her up bas ya haram he is not gentle with her at all!


Maher said...

i love cats!! i really love em!
i love em WHITE! :P this cat has some black hair! no thank you! lol

Maioush said...

Sam! :D she is sooooo cute!
I love her, she is so tiny, sweet! :D

Simply Me said...

she a real cutie.. and I her name. It suits her ;)

Anonymous said...

baskootttttehhh! omg you have no idea how in love am with kittens. If i was a little closer, I woulda paid a visit lol. soo cute, I just wanna ja3leka!

Qabbani said...

Sweet, she's soooo cute :D

KJ said...




Sam said...

maher...i dont like white cats...they are usually snobs:p

maioush yeh she is so tiny still..i wish i saw her when she was born...she must have been so small...

Dima thank u:) yeh she looks like a baskoti

batoul yeh she is so cute to hold and ja3lek...bilal is doing lots of that to her...she is adorable u just wanna eat her up

Qabbani thank u:)

KJ l'aaaaaa dont die!

asoom said...

you're making me totally miss my cats :(