Friday, April 4, 2008

an everything post..

I have not been posting much lately. I have so much to do and I have not been getting anything done!

I have not been to gym for a while week. My scale is being very annoying and it got me all depressed. But I have to and I mean I have to lose 5lb before the next week I am going on a calorie reduction diet with lots of fruits, veggies and whole grains...I have a party to go to where all my Friends from Hamilton are going to be. I can not be the fat sister, especially that my sister has a 4mo old baby and is already nice and skinny...gosh I hate my sister! (not really hate, but you know what I mean). The weird thing is although my scale says a number I hate all my clothes are fitting good, even my size 5/6 skinny skirts...maybe my scale needs new batteries?? or is it wishful thinking?? OK new rule! No stepping on the scale. Eat well , exercise and hide the scale.

I just registered Bilal for blast ball. I hope he likes. The boys will start soccer in May. Ziad starts Karate tomorrow, I will sign them up for swimming. I hope it won't be too much. I am going to join the classes at the gym next week. I have never done classes before..I am too scared ...everyone always know what to do except for me! I think I will just stay at the far corner so no one can see my screwing up. I am sick of doing cardio on the E-trainer....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

My cat is so annoying....she always follows me around. I think I am her favourite person so far. I will be walking and she is right day I am going to squish her! She is so tiny!

Last week I discovered she had fleas! OMG fleas, bugs in my house! I washed her and got the live ones out! It is no fun washing a cat, she screamed like crazy! I got her a flea collar and yesterday she finally went to the vet and he gave her the stuff that go on the skin and kills all fleas and eggs and so on! I have to put this thing on her once a month.

I was very upset by fleas, but I should have known. We got her from people who had two huge dogs and two adult cats and a house that did not look very well kept. But it is all over now. My cat is clean. Last weekend after washing her and getting about 10 fleas off her I went on a house rampage. I vacuumed my carpet all over about three times. I washed everything that can be washed blankets, covers, cushions, sofa covers and vacuumed things that can not be removed. I think we are safe, especially that the cat was in our house for only less than two days when she was washed and treated. I do not get how these people could live with fleas! I just about died when I noticed them!

Bilal (3.5yo) loves to hold her, but he is too rough with her. She is always running away from him! Ziad is still too scared to hold her, he wants to play with her from far away. I am waiting for the day she gets back at Bilal.

A university if coming into town! Wilfred Laurier, I am so happy with the news. Our house value will go up blah blah blah...and hubby wants to buy an older house to rent out to students, there will be more jobs in town and other blah blahs. But I could careless, this could open a new horizon for me. With a university around the corner just a five min drive away from home and the kid's schools I may be able to finish my CGA courses in a classroom setting instead of online, and I may be able to start my MBA and hubby will not have any excuse of who will watch the kids. Ziad is at school from 9-4 and Bilal will be the same in a couple of years. Just in time for the university to open. YIPPY!

Hmmmmmmmmmmm what else? The weather finally got nice. Bilal and I went out for our first walk of the year. It was great. I love my neighbourhood. We walked to two playground. Then we walked to the pond to see the geese, but there were none there, so we just walked back home picking up rocks from the neighbour's yards. Bilal would not move without taking a stone or a annoying! But it was a fun walk none the less. It is raining today so I am back to being lazy. We plan on going to Niagara falls tomorrow...I have not been to the falls for so long , since before we moved to Saskatoon!


Maher said...

Niagra fallss!! oh man! !
when i was in Chicago, my parents went to niagra falls, i didnt go with em because i wanted to watch a damn baseball game!
i always regret that decision!

Simply Me said...

I just love reading your posts. They're so real.. and I dunno.. it always makes me get news idea on doing new things and stuff..
Especially that carpet one, which we have to get now to clean our carpet before moving!

Cats and fleas :S :( that was not nice at all.. especially with her running all around and you having to wash everything.. this would give me a heart attack. keep posting about the good and bad.. maybe I will change my mind about a dog ! :)

Maioush said...

i sooooooooooooooooo missed your posts Sam :)
Afaf sent me a very nice diet plan that she has been using, it's working great with me, i don't really have time to work out though, i will have to take some time off and go to the gym at night, so far i walk like 30 min or so around the office at lunch time, and another 30 before o go home, the area over there is just amazing :)
fleas!!!! don't remind me yeeeeeeeeee, my bro used to hold our old cat like crazy, we had no idea that he had it!! and he got it too!! mama went craaaaaaaaaaaazy!!

Anonymous said...

I kept checking and no Sam post, come on Samy!!! Get with the program :D Finally, some nice weather in! and lol @ cookie following you and the shower!! haha You need to post about when kitten gets Bilal back lol! *waiting*

asoom said...

wow that's alot of updates all rolled up into one post!

Don't worry too much about the scale pay attention to your clothes!

Anonymous said...

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Qabbani said...

YES :)

this is the post I like to read here :)

KJ said...



The fleas are aweful.. I would have died if I knew there are fleas in my place. That's one of the reasons I forbid my sister to get a puppy.

Congrats on the Uni! Your hubby can do his business thing of butchering students' wallets and you can continue your studies :D w00t!!! Good luck!

Sam said...

maher it is a shame u didnt go...they are awesome!

dima..if u ever get a dog take him to the vet and get a flea treatment..just in case...fleas r yucky! i felt itchy for days after...!

maioush walking for 30min twice a day is a great excercise!! and so refreshing in good weather...yikes..i thought fleas do not get on so glad we are flea free now...

batoul..with hubby here i lost my blogging time..which used to be in the evening while the kids are watching tv or are off to bed...but now that is hubby time..*sigh* so far the kitten has not gotten bilal..sho habla! but he does have a scratch on his maybe..

asoom...yeh that is what i always do...lots of stuff in one post:)
my scale is in exile again...hiding where it cant not bug me and make me step on it! so sick of deleting your bullshit...stop it!

qabbani...thank u:)

KJ yeh fleas are so glad im not an extreme ocd..but i did spend the whole day washing and vacuuming...yeh the uni is great..we make money and i get to study more...:)

Anonymous said...


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