Friday, April 11, 2008

missing Amman....

I am missing Amman these days....could I be feeling homesick after spending six month in Amman??

Today is hubby's niece's jaha and katb ktab. I am so mad that they didn't do it while I was there...uggh! I am super happy for her! She is hubby's favourite niece...not because of her but because hubby used to love her father too much and he passed away from cancer 24 years ago, when Dana was only 10 months old.

So now the little baby is engaged , legally married. I hope the wedding will not be this summer. There is no way we can go to Amman this summer!:(

Hubby's other niece got engaged few weeks ago. I used to not like her much before, but after being neighbours for few months we got pretty close...Now I love her ..for people who were at the cookie party, she the same niece that came along with me. Of course I was not there, when they had the party, I am so mad at them for not doing anything fun when I was there...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........

Yesterday I was watching a Jordanian show and it made me miss I think I am home sick for Amman now:(


Maher said...

mabroook mabroook!
i think my parents went to some Jaha today! i'll be asking for names tom inshallah!

What is it in ammman that you miss? :P

Maioush said...

first of, alf mabrook ya rabbi :)
second, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa3 waaaaaaaaaaaaaa3 i miss Amman too :(

Simply Me said...

oooooooooooooh! :S Sometimes I get this feeling too. I miss the family more than Amman itself, I guess!

Sam said...

maher, so did u get the names yet?/

maioush allah ybarkek feeki..3okbalik..:)

Dima yeh it the people that make amman...:(n