Thursday, April 10, 2008

bye bye laptop...:(


The wireless thing on my laptop stopped working yesterday. After spending an hour with HP on the phone last night it is still showing an orange light!

It seems that the pavilion has had a recall because the motherboard is miss functioning! Too many crashes and stuff. My laptop only crashed a couple of times so far, but I do not want it to get worse. Besides this wireless thing has got to be fixed! I can not work without it!

I like using my laptop in the family room where my kids are watching TV or playing.

So this weekend I will pack up all my files and pictures, and as soon as I get the box from UPS I will be sending my laptop off...

I guess I will be a bit MIA for a week or so until I get it back. I will check the blogs from time to time on our old desktop. It is in the basement, which I hate, so it will be very minimal.

Not a good time, this means I have to finish our taxes before Monday! OMG way to go procrastinating SAM! Bad bad bad girl!

O will only be 7 days or less the lady said! I can live without my laptop! I will have more time to do other things right?? I don't want to be away from my baby! Ok ok khalas grow up me! I still have the desktop so it is not too bad! But all my stuff are saved on this laptop and I hate the basement! O shut up, grow up...go get dressed and go to the gym! stop whining....but but but...I am going to miss my laptop...:x ....Ok I am off to the gym, I do not want anyone calling me fat at the party in two weeks!


7aki Fadi said...


Qwaider قويدر said...

I just finished my taxes and for a change, I got a really handsome return .. for the first time in YEARS! I'm also waitinf for my rebate check :) All is good!

Maybe I can help you with the wireless card. What exactly are you seeing when you try to connect?

Sam said...

Q the driver is not there anymore..there is supposed to be a broadcome wireless driver under networks and it is not there..we tried recovering it but it did not come on..when i go to wireless assissitance file nothing happens...well i guess because it is not there:(

Maioush said...

LOOOOOOOOOL Sam... i'm sorry for your laptop, bs you are soooooo cute LOL!! it's like me talking to the mirror heheheh, inshalla this week will pass by SUPER FAST and yuo awill get the laptop k2nno 3aroos :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

I would try this
Go to your hardware devices (click Start, Click Run, type devmgmt.msc then hit [Enter])

Navigate to "Network Adapters"
Look for something that says wireless next to it. And see if it has any yellow "!" or a red "X" next to it

(PS, You might not have a broadcom adapter on your laptop)

kinzi said...

Ya Sam, lol, you make your terrible experiences sound SO funny!

You will be missed!!!

tinkerbella said...

LOL.. that's pretty much how I feel about my computer, I could NOT live without it!

Yala insha Allah it'll be fixed soon and you can enjoy it again.

In the meantime, get lots of stuff done so you can update us with everything upon your laptop's return!!

Simply Me said...

LOL! now you'll have more time to the gym :D I can't imagine life without my laptop though to be honest :$

KJ said...

Taxes? What are those?

*enjoys tax free country*

Anonymous said...


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