Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our trip to the falls.

I am procrastinating! I have a long to do list, and what do I do instead?? I blog! Tsk tsk tsk!

This past weekend was the first good weekend of the year; it was nice and warm, sunny and beautiful!We decided to go to Niagara Falls. We have not been there for about three years. It is a 1hr drive from our house, the whole way Ziad was asking if we are there yet. This is the first time we go somewhere and I do not show him pictures online. So he did not know what to except. Every time we passed a bit of water he would ask if this is Niagara should have seen his face when first saw the falls! And it was the puny American falls that he saw first. He was amazed by the falls, he has been there before but he was about 2 when we went last time, so he did not care much about them

When we first got there we saw the American falls, and we thought wow how did they get so big?? Did they do something to make them bigger? What is going on, they were always so small and boring, and how did they get big and awesome?? So we parked and went down to the falls again, walked past the American fall, to the Canadian falls, and to the gushing river. My hair got all wet and frizzy, I knew I should not have blown my hair straight, but o least I had a good hair day for few hours.

When we were walking away from the falls to go play on Clifton street, the American falls looked very small and insignificant after spending a bit of time looking at the bigger I guess they didn’t do anything, the American falls are great and awesome they are huge and very impressive, but when compared to the horseshoe falls they look a lot smaller and insignificant! I never noticed that before!

The kids wanted to go on a horse carriage ride, but we did not want to. When we were walking back some people got on the horse and the horse walk walking along near the sidewalk we were walking on. Bilal was running like a mad kid and yelling the horse to ‘tooooop, waitttttttt...’top peaase...he ran like that for about 5-10 min until the horse turned and went to the other side, it was so funny and cute.
We had a blast at the falls. It was a great family day! We had dinner, and then went to play at the arcades. It used to be called dazzle land when I was a kid and it was outdoors. We used to go there every week with our neighbours and their kids. We used to have so much fun so even though they changed it and added lots more to it, and made it indoor it still brought lots of memories of the time we spent there as kids.

To end the day we went on the sky wheel. I discovered I am not really afraid of heights! At first I refused to go, but everyone else wanted to go on.
Ziad started rushing eating his ice-cream. Bilal actually threw his ice-cream in the garbage so we can do on it. So I thought I will bear it, I will close my eyes if I need to, but within few minutes I was enjoying the view! It was great; I just wanted to kick myself for leaving my camera in the car. hmmmmmmmmmmmm darn it , I totally forgot about my phone camera! OMG I am such an idiot! Ok never mind we will be back soon Inshallah. The cool thing is that while we were on the sky wheel we found a short cut to where we parked. We were to go down the street, past the falls, up a hill and walk a bit to get to our car, but we took a short cut and it only took 5min to get to our car. It was great because after walking for hours my feet were killing me!


nido said...

Niagara Falls is on our -to visit- list :) I would love to go there, hubby told me a lot about it, and I really hope we can make it together there, one day :D
Glad you guys had fun...

hamede said...

I was their in 1990,i had a good time.

Simply Me said...

WOW! nice photos!! I'd love to go there one day.. im a beach person, but this would definitely be worth the visit!

kinzi said...

Thanks for sharing this trip!! It was lovely...I bet for you, one of the best parts was NO SNOW!

(I went to Galler last week and thought of you, wah!)

KJ said...

wow sounds like a lot of fun! LOOL @ "are we there yet!" hahaha. You should have taken a photo of the facial expressions!