Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Help !!!! how do I make mansaf??? I thought I knew, but now that I am ready to start I am clueless! My cookbook is no hlep! Neither is Mama!


Maher said...

1) bring rice
2) bring laban jameed!
3) boil rice...
4) 2 spoons of salt

oh man i suck at this! lol


khalas anything related to sports i'll help bas not cooking

Omar said...

your best bet is emailing Iyas the author of jameed.net

good guy, and very funny blogger

kinzi said...

Hi Sam! Check out Summer's cooking blog, I'm sure she has something.

Best of luck ;) tha tshoudl help your Jordanian homesickness!

hamede said...

Just do it.

KJ said...

You gotta ask Qwaider here. He is the Blogger Master Chef

Sam said...

maher for a second there i thought u knew how to, i was almost impressed:)

omar i will check it out:)

kinzi i checked i could not find anything on summer's blog:(

hamede ok:)

KJ i am waiting for Q to help..but he seems MIA...

tinkerbella said...

hahahaha. sorry, i couldn't help laughing :)

Unf can't help you out here cuz I have no freakin idea.. Mansaf ain't as easy as everyone says it is!!! Either that or I am missing sth... I tried to make it once, gave up halfway, hubby took over and it turned into a sludgy half solid half liquid weird looking thing that went straight into the trash!

36ooor said...

had 2link feyo keef

Maioush said...

I guess Qwaider would be a good help in these cases, he bloged pictures for it several times, and says that it was so easy to do :)... man where is he when you need him!!

Qwaider قويدر said...

Tikram 3ainek Sam, here's how:
You need:
1) Lamb meat (chicken can work, but lamb meat is best) Preferably cut in big chunks with the bone
2) Jameed (if not already made into a liquid, you will need to soak the [smashed] stones in lukewarm water over night, then put them in a strong blender to convert them to a liquid like emulsion
3)One big Onion
4) Rice
5) Pine nuts, almonds for garnish
6) Salt, pepper, cardamom
7) Shrak bread (the very thin bread)

cut the onion to for large pieces
slightly saute the onions along with the lamb chunks, don't cook them.
Add salt, pepper, some cardamom and bay leaves
Add plenty of water to cover the lamb. This broth is going to be the base for the Jameed
4) Boil on high for 5 minutes, reduce heat and skim the surface
5) Allow to cook on medium heat for an hour or until the meat is tender.
6) You can leave the onions in or strain them. (whatever is left of them)
7) Take the lamb broth, dump the Jameed in it, keep the meat with the Jameed and broth to give it the yummy, taste of Mansaf
8) Boil on high for 5 minutes.
9) Reduce heat and allow it to cook for 15 more minutes

(Optional, you may add some Yogurt with the Jameed, you may also add some butter or Ghee) I don't recommend any of these though

Prepare the rice (if you saved a little broth you can prepare the rice with it) but you don't need to.

Fry the Pine nuts and almond (some add cashew, pistachios and peanuts)

In a big tray, layer the rice on top of the bread
Sprinkle the fried nuts
Arrange the meat chunks on top
Sprinkle some more nuts
Add a little parsley for taste/look

Start adding some of the Jameed on top of all of that to loosen it up. It's also customary to place it in small bowls on the side.

Bon Appetite!

Anonymous said...

More on the ingredients
you will need 4 pounds of lamb meat (~2Kilos)

For the Jameed, you will need 2 pounds of the liquid (almost 3 big rocks) but 2 rocks will do fine.

Qwaider قويدر said...

That was me! The thing hit publish on it's own! I wasn't done yet.

You will need to add as much as three quarter of a big pot of water. Some of it will evaporate when you're making the broth so don't worry about it

Oh and by the way, if you add too much Jameed or too little, it doesn't matter much. You will know and you can add more bring it to a quick boil and it will be done

Sam said...

O wow..thank u so much Q...i will do it today...wish me luck:) it sounds so easy..but i do manage to khareb a boiled egg so yeh i am going to need luck...if it turns out good..tfadal 3ana for mansaf:)

Qwaider قويدر said...

Good luck Sam
One last thing, WATCH THE SALT. Jameed is already Salted, you might only want to add a very small amount of salt to the broth.

And let us know how it went .. Sa7tain to you and the whole lovely family

nido said...

HOW COME I missed this post about mansaf!! I could have helped :p My mansaf is super! bi kol tawado3 :D hehe...
please let us know how it came out...whether you guys liked it or not!!

Anonymous said...

I was looking for a recipe but didn't think it was this hard..I've never tasted it before and have no clue what jameed is or if it can be found here..Can it be substituted with something else??
let's know if Q recipe worked for you :)

sa7tein :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

The closest thing to Jameed in the Lebanese and Egyptian cousins is Kishik. Although Jameed has more intense salty flavour and less sour, and less milky flavor than kishik. Most of the people just fall in love with the acute bright yummy taste.
You can substitute it with Kishek or regular yogurt, but it doesn't taste the same.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much..I have some Kishik..But before trying it I will visit a new middle eastern store that opened recently here in Tampa..The owner is Jordanian,may be I can find the real jameed if not, I'll try a small quantity with Kishik..
Many thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

Q! KISHK is like Jameed!!!!! :light bulb on: hala2 fhemet loool so how did it come out Samy Sam?

Summer said...

Sam, I am really sorry i have not posted Mansaf recipe on my cooking blog yet! I am waiting to go visit any of the family members who cook Mansaf so i can videotape the recipe and steps of making it the authentic way!
sorry i missed out on this post, i could have provided the recipe at least... :(
i know how to cook mansaf of course, but i do not cook it at all because i cook vegetarian most of the time and no one is a big fan of lamb in my house! but as expected, Mr.Q came to the rescue with his own recipe, which is a good one by the way, and hope you made it and all went well for you!
no photos of your mansaf? once you make it, do not forget to shoot it!
have a good day.