Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life without my laptop!

I feel so lost without my beloved laptop! It tells me the weather every morning, I keep in touch with my friends, I keep up with what is going on in the world, and I use it as an organizer...

I finally sent my computer in for took me two months to part with it and it has been ten long days without my baby!

In those ten days I have missed two doctor's apt, I finally had my prenatal apt today after the doctor's office calling me twice to ask why I did not make it to my apts.

I let poor Zozo go to school in shorts and a tank top yesterday when it was only 14 degrees and raining all day! It is a good thing he at least had his pullover! I did it because I did not go to my laptop sitting conveniently in the family room and see how the weather was on my desktop!

I forgot that I had to book my ultra sound between June 23 and July 9th. The doctor reminded me today and I booked it! Yay I got a spot on July 9th! The only problem is that it will be at 8 am!! I so not a morning person and the drive the Mississauga will be hell at that time of the matter what route I take! So to make the 20 min drive max I have to leave my house at 7am!

Without my laptop I have to come down the basement and use hubby's old computer! I hate our basement , it is still not finished yet and hubby's computer is annoying! I just do a quick email check and go back upstairs where it is nice and pretty!

waaaahhhhhhh I want my laptop back! Annoying HP the girl I spoke with said it will take 7 days! Every time I see a UPS truck I think maybe my laptop is with him, but he passes our house...*sigh* so frustrating!


7aki Fadi said...

Everybody I know who bought an HP hated it.

Good luck.

Qabbani said...

الله يردو سالم

Maher said...

the whole Family have HP..
Even my father's company, only deals with HP
we honestly never faced a problem.
and every if we wont take 7 days! :S

KJ said...

HP has the worst customer service everywhere. I dunno why!

Sam said...

7aki...i usually had good luck with desktop is an hp..and the only problem i have with it is that it will not die! and hubby has decided that he wants to not spend too much(he still does on other stuff) and will not a new one untill this one dies...damned pc die!

Qabbani thanks...i think it is coming i am staying home waitin for the ups guys!

maher :p

kj....they have been ok so far...and when i called they were very helpful..the girl spent over an hour with me trying to fix my laptop..and when they sent me the box to send my pc in they sent if pretty quick...

kinzi said...

Salamitha, ya Sam!! I don't know what I would do...whine and moan, maybe. :(

bella said...

I hope you got it back by now, life without technology is a drag if you've e got your whole life organized in it!!!

But I have heard pretty bad things about time, buy a Dell :)

Anonymous said...

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