Friday, November 9, 2007

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...and other blah blah

Is anyone else cold or is it just me??

It was nice and warm in the sun, but at home I am freezing! I am still in my PJ’s. They are long sleeves and fleece, and I’m still cold!! I am even wearing socks!! I never wear socks at home...and I never wear long sleeve, long pants PJ’s either, so there you go! Ah my laptop’s keyboard is nice and warm, it is warming me up! Is it too early to put on my electric and gas heaters?? Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Maybe a nice cup of tea will warm me up! This is going to be one cold winter, not as bad as the
last two winters in Saskatoon, but still! Yesterday I saw few people wearing winter gear. Heavy coats, hats and gloves! It was cold, but gosh not that cold!

Yesterday we went to Amman mall. We ate at MacDonald’s... blach...the kids wanted that...and then we went to dream park for Ziad’s bday. After that we went to Ctown to get cake...but oops, the cakes were all gone! Zozo was very upset, I finally convinced him that it is late and everyone is probably out so we will get cake tomorrow and have happy birthday for him on Saturday. This kid has some temper! When we were all done we waited and waited, and then waited some more for a taxi! It is moments like this that I have being here and want to be home where I have a car! O speaking of cars, I’m so looking forward to buying a new car!! I think I’d like a burgindish red one this time! I want an Acura or a Toyota...we will see, I love buying new cars!! And after spending so many months without a car, I so appreciate having a car, I promise I will keep it clean, I will take it for washing once a week, and I will kiss it everyday morning and night! She will sleep in the garage and will go to for maintenance regularly.

So back to waiting for a taxi, a taxi finally came and a jerk that just got out of the mall just went in, the guy that works at the mall told him that we have been waiting for a while but he did not care, stupid jerk! I hope one day he is stuck out in the rain and does not get a taxi, and when one finally comes I happen to be going out and hop and he is left out cool would that be??! I hate annoying people who only care for themselves. I was cold, the kids were cold, and we had been waiting for over 20 minutes and he just goes out and hops in...What a 7mar! I hate him! I was so glad to finally get a cap that I gave him the whole 1JD, I guess that was good because he actually got out and helped me take my groceries into the building! It is a trip worth less than 0.400 JD.

So right now Zozo is at the farm...he left this morning. I guess it was not a bad birthday. Playing at Dream Park, ice-cream, having an adventure while waiting for a taxi, and then going to the farm, he is hoping his uncle will allow him to herd the sheep! So now we have cake, but the birthday boy is not here yet! O well...

Wow I guess typing warms you up, I am not cold anymore...but wait my hands are still cold and so is the tip of my nose! Never mind!


Life said...

IT IS so cold :( I like winter.. bas I dont like feeling cold all the time like this.. :S

Happy birthday to Zaid :)

Maher said...

happy birthday Zaidoo!! next time get cakes from Rawan Cake! the best cakes in town are there! they even have an ice cream cake! tasty!! and its about 5-10 min away from your place.

Qabbani said...

hmm, strange i know that there's always TAXI's in Amman mall waiting ppl ,

but the note is , when it Rain the first and second Rain , the Taxi's Run away cuz the ground be so so sticky and many accident happen , cuz of sliding,

about cold, i guess i hear it alot :D , so far its SOOO gr8 weather, i just cam back from biking ,and i walk in the street with short for 30 min under rain :D , i like cold it make me Active :D

tinkerbella said...

oh wow, I hate ppl like that, bs yea, karma's a bitch, one day you will steal his cab :D
why dont u like McD?? i LOVED Mcdonalds in Jordan, it was really good (unless the quality has gone down??) Here, it tastes like crap :(((
Hope Ziad enjoyed his cake when he came home!

Hamza said...

yay. I like the personal touch of your posts.

But regarding cars, I guess you have to be extra careful coz driving in amman is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay different than driving in Canada. So I suggest you think twice before you buy the car.

and happy birthday to zadioo. ;)

salam said...

we've had heating on for a week now..its too cold inside houses nowadays!!

Oriental Arabesque said...

when is it going to get cold in UAE?

we're almost mid november and i'm still wearing short sleeves shirts and sandals! :(


asoom said...

taxi guy is such a jerk!