Saturday, December 1, 2007

Decision, decisions!

Ok seriously I hate this!! I have to decide when to go back to Canada. Hubby wants us to go back ASAP! He is negotiating with companies in Ontario and will be moving back there this post is really me thinking out loud...or whatever you call thinking through writing..I am loving Amman, I knew that I will like it here and that hubby will be the one whining...hahaha few months ago when we decided to come here hubby said in a stern voice, you will be staying there for a year , so prepare yourself for that! So I did...but he didn’t!
So the pros of moving back to Canada:
I will have a car to drive wherever I want to go! I am looking forward to car shopping...I will either lease new, or take over a lease...we will see...
No more waiting for taxis
Crossing the streets will not cause me any stress
I do not have to worry about losing too much weight and that my jeans will be too loose, there are old navy and the gap there...
Grocery shopping is a lot easier, again because I have a car
I will get to see and spoil my new niece, I don’t believe it, we are not an all boy family anymore...i have brand new niece...
I will be having fun decorating my house which is what got me all excited about moving back..buying new furniture, painting, I can not wait! My beautiful house, I miss it! I was washing the dishes this morning and making plans for what I will buy, and how I will set up the playroom/office...and o yeh we need to buy a new TV, a nice TV for our cute family room. I am beyond excited about buying stuff and decorating not thinking about who I will be giving this away to when we move again...
I will be with my family and friends again.

Central heat that does not cost an arm and a leg

Hot water without worrying that the boys turned the sakhan switch off, and good water pressure.

Better hair days, my hair does not like Amman water!

Drinkable tap water.

A big washer and dryer! O and my dishwasher!!

But I will miss the friends I made here in Amman, and I will miss everything about Amman (except for the no driving and the stressful street crossing) I love how I can just call the 7ares and he buys us whatever we need, yeh hubby does that, but he does it while complaining and 70% of the time he gets the wrong things. Since we have leased the apartment her for a whole year, we will be losing about $4000 if the guy will not be nice about it. *sigh*

There is no or very little snow in Amman! I can live with that!

Bilal is happy at his school, I found him a preschool in Milton, but he will be going for 3hrs 3x a week only, and I have to drive him. Ziad will go to the neighbourhood school, and he will take the bus, I hope it is the stop right across the street from our house, how cool would that be? Ok so now I do not know, do I want to go before the end of the year?? Or wait until February which is when our ticket are booked, or wait until the summer... I really can not make up my mind! Ziad wants to go back to Canada, but he changes his mind so frequently it is hard to tell....what do you guys think?


Qabbani said...

اظن انه الأفضل انه الأولاد يكلو سنة دراسية هون بعدين ينتقلو , يعني هيك بنص الفصل ترجعيهم لكندا على الأقل ستفيدين انهم يتعملو عربي اكتر و يمارسو

و بالنهاية انتي ادرى شو انسب الك ,
بس يعني مادام البيت موجود و اقساط المدارس مدفوعة
ما رح تفرق على هالكم شهر

Anonymous said...

it's not hard to figure that one've had a taste of amman..did you notice that most of the things you get in canada for granted is considered a luxury here? Do you know that amman is THE most expensive city in the arabworld? no not dubai but here,and the economy is going downhill on the horizon too..look it up and get the facts..and about the driving thing,I'm surprised you haven't seen the road behavior of people here and were totally happy with never driving in amman ever.

on the other hand if you go..who am I supposed to lay my nasty jokes on! I say stay.

Anonymous said...

I'm with qabbani, stay till summer :) That way your kids'll finish up their school year, and you'll probably decide you've had enough of Amman by then too and it wouldn't be as hard of a decision to make!

tinkerbella said...

ohhh...good luck in your decision! inshallah you will make the right one!
altho maybe you should go before shcool starts so the kids will start right after xmas break instead of having to start in the middle of the year
either way, Allah eyaserlkom eyaha!

Sam said...

qabbani im still not sure..bas ya3ni i dont think i can leave in december..and i leave now i will not be going to cairo and lebanon for eid and when hubby comes...:)

annon tell me about it! it is very expensive calling hubby in canada's morning to ask him to wire me money! meaning i have spent 500Jd in 2.5wks! and i did not buy anything except for food, gas, and paid the kids tuition...50jd each..*sigh* he is going to go crazy..haha..o well he is the one who thinks we can easily live in amman...his idiot friend told him that one can live in amman for 500jd a month..luxuriosly..ahahahahah
and anon #1...u make fun of me u die! :p

anon i want to try to at least stay untill feb...but i really really really want to see spring here so i may stay until spring...but i gotta stop hubby's whining..

tinker...ya 7aram ziad is makel hawa..he is going to miss out on alot either hoping i can put him in grade one in canada next he wont be so behind.*sigh* bas they probably wont let me..