Saturday, December 1, 2007

Am I a bad daughter in law??

I just finished getting the kids lunches and clothes ready, did the after kids go to bed tidying up and checked my workout and eating schedule for tomorrow. I am about to sit down and sip a cup of tea with maramiya and when my mother in law called. She wanted me to go with her to her sisters house tomorrow morning. Her sister is having a get together with her friends. I almost said ok no problem, but it just so happens my mobile was in front of the mirror, and naturally when I was talking I snuck a peak at myself, and realized how fat I am getting! I had to choose between going to the gym and sitting with a bunch 60-70 yo ladies I have never met!

The thing is this week I can only go to the gym on sunday, monday, and thrusday as I have previous engagments on tuesday and wednesday that I can not get out of, and of course on the weekend I can not go to the gym because of the kids! I am starting to really get depressed about my weight and need to feel better, so I can not afford to workout less than three times this week.

So now I feel bad, but really I do not feel like going to hubby's aunt's house tomorrow morning and would rather workout! I hate this! My mother in law does not understand this, she does not think that one day at the gym will make a differnce, but it seems there is always something getting in the way of me going to the gym. The first week it rained , and the second week my son was sick, and now the third week this! grrrrrrrrrrr! I only have five hour to myself everyday, and one hour is spent tidying up the apartment, and 1 hr getting unlazy and ready to go out so really I have three hours to do things. I always try to be home 30min before the kids come from school so I can be sure to be home to meet them, and get their lunch ready, so really its only 2.5hrs, and I would rather spend it working out, OK? ah I still feel bad! damn!


Qwaider قويدر said...

She's just proud of you and want to show you off.
If I were you, I would go with her. And later to the gym. You never know if you are going to ever have this chance again

Allah yirda 3alaiki

Nothing anyone could say will make you feel better because the good thing inside you has woken up!

Summer said...

Go to the gym!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're just horrid.
You know what, people there are very good at making you feel bad over unnecessary things. Going to those get togethers is a plain waste of socializing time. It would have been nice if you had nothing better to do, but since you want to be somewhere else, don't even give it a second thought. You need your alone time. And you just set yourself a schedule. Stick to it :) Mother in law can brag about you in your absence just as well.

Anonymous said...

Go to the is not need to do that...she will evantually understand. You should put a plan and stick to it...this way you will feel better about yourself and you will be more relaxed and lighter when dealing with others...they will feel the that too.

tinkerbella said...

I second annonymous...ppl in Jordan are VERY good at making you feel guilty but you shouldnt let feel like you need to go to the gym, like you said, things are always getting in the way so you need to prioritize this time and just go for it.
besides, from previous posts, you are a very adorbale daughter-in-law, dont swear it :)
make it up to her by going to the next one to meet her frnds!

Tamara said...


I understand how bad we need to go to the gym if nothing just to loose the guilty feeling. just try and make it up to your mother in law.

Sam said...

grrrrr...i got ready to go and oops im out of the door and it starts pouring rain and it is too minute the sun comes out and i say great im going..and then the clouds come back and it rains..and since im taxing it i dont want to stand in the rain waiting for a im working out today...and my mother in law is not mad at me....

Q i have given her lots of chances to show me off...when i went to syria i agreed to be paraded in front of her friends 5 times! she made me wear a fancy dress at one of those gatherings...i felt so silly! but o i've paid my dues:)

summer i couldnt go..but im working out at home...:)

anon yup...u r right:)

tinker ..i think i have done i said to Q i wore the dress i wore to my sister's wedding to meet her neighbours in syria..the other daughter in law snobbed the neighbours and would not even meet them!@

tamara...yeh gym is important to release the guilt..bas uggh it had to rain...only if i had my car...*sigh*

Omar said...

A really good excuse to get out of it would be something kid related. Since mothers-in-law can't say no to grandsons and their needs.

let us know what you ended up doing :)

LOL @ dressing you up in Syria with a fancy dress

Ahmad said...

Old people don't talk about their pain if someone breaks their heart. They are like kids and need alot of attention from us. In one day, we will be old and act like them. It is just matter of time,and then you will find yourself in the same condition , old person and your kids are married and visit you once in the week and have problem with daughter in law ….. Be ready for that by being nice with them nowwwwwwwwwwwww.

Maher said...

i am with qwaider here.

btw people here in Jordan take these kind of actions personally, (my Grandmother does that )

Hamza said...

wow girl. You are really obsessed about your workout. But don't blame yourself. You will stay for one year in Jordan so you might as well Do whatever you feel like.

asoom said...

You're right that your mother in law probably will not understand but go to the gym! That's one thing I learned aboutliving in jordan is you need to toughen up when it comes to people because if you always feel bad or guilty you'll never be able to do what's best for you and you'll just get so frustrated