Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my friends.

I hope everyone is having happy and safe holidays, and that everyone is enjoying all the decorations and lights.
p.s. I hate snow, but I love this picture. So cozy, I want to be in that little house by the fireplace sipping some hot chocolate then going for a walk in the snow, building a snow man , having a snow fight, then going back in for more hot chocolate and a cozy nap.


kinzi said...

Sam, that sounds like a perfect Christmas morning to me!! Thanks you and the same to you before you go back!

Maher said...

i would love it if it snowed in Christmas Eve!..they said it may snow this week..but so far nothing!

Merry X-Mas :)

Anonymous said...

shaklek bareedeh zaye lol.

Sam said...

kinzi yeh it would be perfect eh.. i dont want it to snow here..i want to go to this place and then come back to a snowless place..:)

batould yeh ana bareedeh kteeeeer..mish tabee3e

Summer said...

Happy Holiday to you and your loved ones.
try to stay warm in Amman :)