Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Random Rambles

It is official...I am a lazy person, and winter gives me an intensive to be lazy...I am too guilty to just sit around and do nothing all day in the summer but in winter nah no guilt.

I need to buy more sweaters, I am not a sweater person, but now that I am in Amman, it is different, and I actually like turtle necks now... I need to go shopping!

I just register for my second last course, gosh I forgot the name of course...ok business policy and strategy, hubby will bring me my course material and then I get busy, I wanted to take the two remaining courses, and I really really wanted to take finance management, but it is a paced course and being out of the country I worry because it is not flexible, o well...next time the course starts I will be in Canada inshallah and I will take it then! And I will be all done with my degree! YIPPY! I have to decided what to do next, restart CGA or go for my masters...we will see...I plan on doing both eventually , I think I will start with my CGA and then masters ba3deen I will be done with those when I am 60, bas ya3no sho warai sa7??...yes I do not think I will ever stop studying, as much as I hate it, I love it, but I will never go for a PhD...It is not my thing.

I have been eating well for the past two days! The cookies called me none stop all day yesterday! But I totally ignored them! I had a carrot, not very yummy! I miss baby carrots and celery, has anyone seen baby carrots and celery in Amman?? And although I did not go to the gym, I worked out at home...So yay...

Yesterday my mother in law made ma7shi! She bragged about her ma7shi to her daughter and her grand daughter for hours, I make the best ma7shi, no one makes it better. Last time I made ma7shi she said it needs more spices ...it was yummy everyone else said so and it was all gone! Well her ma7shi sucked yesterday! The sauce was not even red, and it tasted so plain and blach no spices at all, and no salt, a waste of calories! So never brag about something until after it is has been done and you know it is good...then brag away!

We are talking about going to Egypt during Eid holidays, but I am not sure about it...hubby will not be here, so I am not looking forward to dealing with the kids without him, but Ziad is dying to go to Egypt and see the pyramids.

I hope we can go to Lebanon when hubby is here! Stupid situation in Lebanon I am so sick of this! I want to see teta and the rest of the family. Inshallah we will be able to go. Ya3ni being in Amman, I am so close, but so far! *sigh*

O yes her comes the complaining!! This weather is horrible for my hair! I am having a horrible hair day everyday! I blow dry my hair and it looks nice for a total of five minutes then it gets all frizzy and looks ikky! Grrrrrrrrrrr.....

Ok that is it for today folks...


Qabbani said...

i guess u need more than one year to get used to Amman :D

for this Eid i hope we can make it , we are planning to go Syria Lebanon Biking , hope it work :)


about hair i have no clue :D am hair less(too short) most of time

Oriental Arabesque said...

I envy you for the studying part. I’m too lazy when it comes to it. I have like 10 things in mind and I’m always wishing to study this or that, but when it comes to reality I panic and feel like I can’t concentrate or memorize things any more! Dunno why!

Hope your travel plans to Egypt work well. I heard it’s so nice to go there during winter.

About your hair, try to change the shampoo, for me shampoos have a massive effect on my hair. I’ve tried many and finally found that L’Oreal with vitamin E (for color treated hair) is the best :-)

Sam said...

qabbani..nah im pretty much used to amman..as used to it as i will ever be:)
and yeh i've seen your pictures...no hair..so lucky!

mais...everytime i start a course i think omg am i crazy?? i could not wait to graduate so long ago..but the thing is im doing it through distant ed, so it im not very restricted...
and u know what, i think u r right about the shampoo..ever since my pantene that i brought from canada ran out my hair has not been the same! even though im using the same pantene but it is not the same! i will try this loreal..do they have any for thin hair?? i will look for it today while im at ctown...:)

Oriental Arabesque said...

sam: I usually buy this shampoo from the salon where I cut and color my hair. They actually use L’Oreal products for everything there! (shampoos, hair treatments, steam creams…etc) I think you’d better check with your hairdresser, ask him what does he recommend (I know that both L’Oreal and Kerastase are great, but Kadous is not that good) and I’m sure they have shampoos for every hair type…I’m using another one for sensitive scalp sometimes and it’s also excellent, my hair is loving it

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