Sunday, December 16, 2007

nothing to post about

It is official; I have run out of words! I do not have anything to blog about!! NOTHING!

I have had the most boring weekend ever!! Bilal is sick...the sickest he has ever been! He has not moved off the sofa for four days! And neither have I! Well except to tidy the apartment up a bit, and to take a shower and to get some food from the kitchen. We have watched so much cartoons, my brain has turned into mush! And I am feeling super fat! I just had to throw that in there...The feeling fat thing I mean.

Today we overslept; we were awakened by Ziad’s bus missed call! OOPS! This happens when you use your cell phone as an alarm clock! Note to self, buy an alarm clock. So Ziad had a day off today as well, since I could not leave a very sick Bilal and take Ziad to school.

I was going to post about something serious today as a matter of fact. I wanted to post about the Pakistani Muslim girl murdered by her father in Toronto, but I decided I was not in the mood for posting about something so depressing. The poor girl; Allah yer7amha.

Then I was going to post about something I read online the other day. I can not find the article, but apparently people are whining about the drive thru, mainly Tim Horton’s (kiss, kiss miss u Timmy) drive thru! What am I going to do without the drive thru??? Those little windows have been a life saver for me! If it was not for the drive thru I would have bygone so many eating outs! There is no way I will take two kids out of the car seats, and order while making sure the kids do not bother others, and do not decide to leave the store, and then try to balance holding two kid’s hands, while holding the coffee, and food to the car! I only have two hands for god’s sake!

I guess this is why Tim Horton’s take only cash in Ontario, since they are a lot busier than those out west! I have to say I am going to miss being able to use debit and credit cards for my coffee and treats! I will go back to keeping a Tim Horton’s cash on hand! How inconvenient! There is one Tim Horton’s in Mississauga that is right beside a Scotia bank with a drive thru ATM! I love that location, whenever I am shot on cash I just drive to that one, ok so it is a good 10min drive from my house, but so worth it! Really I am not that lazy, I hardly ever used the drive thru before I had kids, ok that is a lie, I hardly ever used the drive thru in the summer before having kids.

So much for not having anything to say, what was I thinking; I always have things to say!


Maioush said...

LOL Sam :) you always have somethng to say, which is great!
Salamto Bilal, i hope he wil feel better soon...

7aki Fadi said...

Oh poor Bilal :( , I hope he gets better soon.

Tims now takes master card by the way. you should get a Timmies cash card, you know, the one you keep charging so you don't have to pay cash.

nido said...

You have nothing to post about?! so what!! Look what you've came up with! never stop writing:)
I'm sorry Bilal is sick! Hope he gets better soon inshallah!

Qabbani said...

Salamto bilal :)

yallah soon u going leave all this Fun
get up late, miss the bus, ..etc :D

have a nice day

mr.anonymous said...

mashallah a newspaper and u have nothing to post about.

babe fee ma7al fata7 jdeed like that horton's place u mentioned,though I'v never been there maybe u ought to try it out sometime, hayo bi share3 il madeeneh il monawara ou inti jay min jihat share3 il jam3a abel ma tousali dowar il wa7a bikoon the place to ur right...if u ever make sense of my directions check it out ou tell me if its worth a visit.

Maher said...

Salamtoo Bilal! inshallah he recovers soon to enjoy the holidays :>

o happy Eid :>

kinzi said...

Hi sweet Sam, I am so sorry little Bilal is sick :( for BOTH of you.

May life become a little more exciting, as in bloggable, not disastrous. Doesn't hubby come soon?

Sam said...

maioush...thank u dear..he is feeling a tad better alhamdoullah:)

7aki yeh my friend emailed me to tell me about the card...i will be using those for sure...

nido yeh i always have something to write about...thank u:)

qabbani yeh i will leave it behind..but will have the same issues in canada...o well..:)

mr anon..hmmm what is called??is it close to jisr elmoshat on shari3 elmadeena?

maher thank u:)

kinzi yeh poor guy...his throat was so bad the doc had to give him a needle..7aram! thank u dear:)

Jundi said...

well u certainly talked a lot .. didnt exactly say much though :OO
just kidding hehehe :P

salamto bulbul :)