Monday, December 24, 2007

My Eid post...

I have lots to blog about but I have been too lazy.

First let me say how cold I am and how this cold is making me extra lazy! Like I can afford to be any lazier! I can’t wait to be back home to the land of affordable heating and insulated houses. I just can not see myself spending $1000 for solar to heat this apt! You know how many shoes and clothes I can buy with that money instead?

Ok now I am done with my obligatory I’m so cold rant...lets move on...

Eid was fun, Ziad was upset that he did not get to go to Eid prayers, poor guy. We got dressed, went downstairs to be with the rest of the family. Hubby’s sister and brother arrived from Saudi shortly after, so it was nice to hang around together. Everyone left for their traditional Eid lunch while the kids and I went to Mamabean’s house for the cookie party.

It was great, the kids had a lot of fun and it was great to meet the bloggers who attended. I finally got to meet the famous Rambling Hal. The cookies were yummy. I had a hard time eating them; they were too pretty to eat.

The next day we went to Aqaba. Few weeks ago my sister in law went to Aqaba and did not take Ziad with her. Ever since he has been driving her crazy, every time he sees her he asks “why didn’t you take me to Aqaba with you” so this madness can stop we decided to take him there. Of course he still asks her the same question saying that he wants to janenha (drive her crazy) and zahea’ha (bore her) with this question because she did not take him with her espoo3 elmadi.

We had fun in Aqaba; Although we did get up at 4 am to get ready for the bus to leave at 6 sharp, which was changed to 7 sharp! yeh right, does something sharp exist here? We left at almost 8. the bus ride was not too bad, everyone was joking around and we chitchated with my sister in law's friend. Bilal slept most of the time, and Ziad was all over the place talking to everyone.

We went on the horse carriage, something Ziad has wanted to do forever! And we went on the boat and saw the underwater, very very cool! It would be so awesome to dive there...or at least go snorkelling. We really wanted to go for a camel ride, but did not know where to go, poor Ziad and Bilal they were really looking forward to riding on a camel. (So was I)
When hubby comes we want to go Petra and Wadi rum. We did go to Wadi rum, but it was at night time. There was a party, we danced and chitchatted then went back to Aqaba to sleep!

O wait, I have got to talk about our room in Aqaba! It has the tiniest two beds I have ever, ever seen! I was sharing the roon with my sister in law along with my two kids! My sister in law has a house in Aqaba, her husband and sons were also there, so she just went there for the night. Bilal and I slept on one bed, while Ziad slept on the other bed. Sometime during the night Ziad joined us on the tiny bed! Eventually I got up and slept on the other bed all by myself! What a night!

We also got to go shopping! All my shopping experience in Amman has been at the mall! And this souk we went to reminded me of Lebanon when we were little and went shopping with my parents,so that was fun.

All in all it was not a bad Eid. With the cookie party and our trip to Aqaba it was anything but boring.

The whole time I was writing this post I was listening to a song on Rotana Zaman! I am done with this post and the song is not done! People 30-40 years ago had so much more patience than we do today eh?? Songs were way tooooo long! I am changing the channel, this is torture!


Maher said...

LoL @ the Song comment.

Was there many people in Aqaba? Crowded like usual?

Next time when you go to Aqaba, Check in the intercontinental Hotel! they have the best pillows in the world! no way you getting our of the bed! + The have speakers in the bathroom! so basically you can enjoy Rotanna Zaman in The bathroom also lool

Maioush said...

LOOOOOL Sam :) what was the song??
and Happy Eid :D glad you had fun, i haven't been to aqaba for ages!!
yalla enjoy petra when you go :)

Sam said...

maher yeh aqaba was very crowded...last time i was in aqaba few years ago in july and it was dead so i thought it would be the same now..but was crowded...and nooo i dont want to enjoy rotana zaman..unless there a haleem 7afez song on...but otherwise no thanks:) was a warda song..i did not hear what it was ..gosh it was so long..not as long as um kalthoom songs though...i will think of u in petra ...:) happy eid to u too:)

KJ said...

3eed mubarak!

wow sounds like it was an awesome and hilarious trip! The first time I actually slept on a bed was when I went to uni! LOL I spent my whole life sleeping on the floor - so if I went to that hotel and saw the beds made for little people I will just sleep on the floor!