Wednesday, June 20, 2007

my sister's punishment

One day my sister decided to skip school and go to downtown Toronto along with three of her friends. They had it all planned for weeks. The older sisters were to call the school and say they were sick. They would take the bus and do Toronto for the day. We lived in Hamilton so it was an over 1 hr drive to downtown TO.

At that I had just graduated from college and was staying home enjoying not doing anything for few weeks. I was into online chatting and spent the whole night chatting with friends on Alamak , net meeting and WBS. Of course I slept in until 12pm everyday. But on that day I had to get up early and make the phone call to Amal’s school, pretending to be my mom of course!

I got up, and reluctantly made the call, I was just too sleepy! The problem is I have a cute little voice! It did not sound like an adult voice. Until now at my old age I still have the odd telemarketers asking if they may speak to my mommy when they call, I usually just say “no mommy is not home; do you want to leave a message?” I just hope it won’t cause any problems when I call the school for my sons. So the school secretary called back, and to my sister’s unfortunate luck both of parents were home off work that morning! Talk about bad luck!

My parents were furious! They made me get up and tell them what I know!! Of course I played dumb and pretended I did not know a thing it is not like Amal told me everything! Maybe Amal can come up with a better story! I did go for a walk and met her outside her school and warned her, but it was too late! Poor Amal!

Amal and her friends had a blast in Toronto, but I do not know if it was worth the punishment. Maybe it was, back then my parents were pretty strict and we were not allowed to go alone with our friends unless we gave a big huge report of where, with whom, etc. So to go alone downtown was a very big thing!

After days of coming up with the right punishment, my parents came up with the perfect plan. They will make Amal get a haircut! Amal had and still has very beautiful thick curly long hair. Her hair was her joy and pride. So this was a very cruel punishment. Amal went to the hairdresser with mama and get few inches off her hair. Her hair was shoulder length now, mama wanted it cut shoulder, but the hairdresser did not have the heart to cut anymore with Amoola crying. I thought it looked very stylish and cute; it looked a lot nicer on her than long hair. But Amal was sad and cried for days. I felt so bad. But we all kind of got punished by that, we were not allowed to go anywhere for weeks thanks to Amal! I was very happy to get a job few weeks later actually so I can leave the house.

Of course my sister was not the only one in trouble, mama made few phone calls and oops! All of the sudden everyone hated me, ya3ni it was not my fault! uf!! That lasted few weeks but I am just too nice and cute (yes I am) to be hated, so we were back to being friends again:)


Maioush said...

Ya 7aram ya Amal!!!
Well, I have a very thick curly hair too, and I’m telling you, the worst thing you do for the curly hair is to cut it short, it becomes impossible, for some reason I like mine long (the longer, the better), I can imagine her crying while cutting her hair, cuz I still do the same sometimes LOOOOOOOOOL, when ever I go for a haircut I keep telling the lady “keep the length, just do cut it short” I keep repeating these words aaaaaaaaaaal the time :D
You have a little girl voice, lucky you :D, one time a guy called and he was like “hi sir” and I’m like what????????? Sir???????? … yeah sometimes I sound baaaaaaaaaad

jasim said...

See, that's what I really hate in being the big brother, but unlike you I have to make the plan and do it for my brothers, and then I'd get it from my parent and my brothers would slip out of it :mad:

Now my parents cannot cut my hair, 'cause I always keep it so short :D

Sam said...

maioush *lol* at the sir comment:) im sure u dont sound that bad:)

jasim usually i come through..bas ya3ni sobhanah allah, allah just wanted them to get caught:) besides do not ask me to do anything while sleepy!:o)

Jundi said...

i used to shoplift cds and steal money from my parents to buy cds when i was a kid .. so once in 7th grade i got caught and my parents made me take a hammer and break all my cds .. i was crying while i was doing it :(

7aki Fadi said...

wow sam that is such a harsh punishment ... 7aram your sister :(

I have long curly hair and I think if my parents did that to me I would die, oh oh but I remember, there was a girl at my school who had long hair and her parents cut her hair boy cut short because they caught her dating a guy, and you know what she did? she wore the hijab to cover it up! Bizzare sa7?

and Jundi, ya 7araaaaam, but LOL, but you know what, you deserved it hehehehe .. but bardoh .. ya 7araaaam...3anjad…

I don’t know if I can do that to my daughter is she does something bad…both your parents are kinda brave to go through that you know!

Sam said...

jundi o my that is terrible..but a fit punishment:o) the things our parents think of...o a parent kid's have better not make me have to come up with cruel punishments...

7aki yeh poor amal...she is still tramatized by the experience..ok im not sure if she is or not..i'll have to ask her...but at the time it was the only thing they could take away from her so next time peer pressure sets she would have to think twice...:)