Tuesday, June 5, 2007

another post about eyes.

I am so happy with my “new” prescription 0 eyes :o)
One of the things I used to dread big time was getting up early in the morning and putting contacts on my red, tired aching eyes. When I knew I had to get up early the next morning, I would to go to bed early, put a hot towel on my eyes and all the fixings to make sure my eyes
will not be too tired in the morning. It never really worked since it was not always feasible to go to bed very early. Putting contacts in tired eyes is very annoying, I am sure some can relate! It hurts, it feels uncomfortable and you have to wait for a while for eyes to stop tearing to put makeup on. This would have caused a lot on unnecessary arguments on our last vacation. But thanks to Lazik I was able to wake up at 7:00, started the coffee, shower, do my hair, and makeup without worrying about my eyes and how I am going to put my contacts in, and be ready to go out even before hubby was up and drinking his coffee, so I was not blamed for us not leaving the hotel early and missing out on fun blah blah blah. Yeh, yeh, I could have worn my glasses, but I hate it, they make me feel ugly and self conscious and very uncomfortable and ugly, annoying and ugly, I could go on about how horrible glasses are, but I’ll stop here, did I mention ugly?
Among a million other things, this is a huge perk to getting Lazik! Much easier morning! Less arguments with hubby. On our BC/Alberta vacation I was the one telling him to hurry up and get dressed, no the other way around. And when we were out late I got to blame it on him, haha $3000 well worth it!


nido said...

It's really worth it! I hope I can get one for my eyes soon...Whenever I go see my doctor, he asks: why havn't you been wearing yr glasses?! I just hate them, and I get so lazy when it comes to wearing contacts:s My eyes get really tired at the end of the day, due to ignoring my doctor's requests! Biddi lazik :(

Sam said...

nido you should get it done..it so simply and so worth it!my eyes were getting too tired of contacts i could not wear them for more than 6hrs..even the extended wear ones:( so i knew it was time for lazik..hubby is still against it..and thinks i should not have gotten it..bas i got it done anyways..i na' na' too much about it:)

redrose said...

No SAAAAM go and get lazik! I used lenses for hmmm 7 years maybe? hek shi coz just I am like you I hate glasses! I look likea frog in them!
well, lenses ever never caused me any problems at all..but to have achance to get 6/6 watching movies bedun lenses or dry eyes! it deserves!! last november was one of the happiest achievment I did in my life..you should do it :)

Sam said...

redrose i did get lazik 3 months ago...and loving it:) no contacts and no glasses(exept sunglasses) for me:)

redrose said...

so wow...good news..bye bye red eyes for ever :)