Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Are they not so cute?? NOTTTTTTT! I do not get what the deal is with these shoes. Everyone is wearing them! bas they are rubber shoes! They cost a freakin $30 plus tax!(the kids size, i am not sure how much the adult ones are, probably about $40 some)

On our last trip Mr zozo saw our friend's kids wearing them. Now he has to have one. I can swim with it! this is his biggest insentive! So finally I caved and bought him one. I wanted to get him blue or greenish. BUT NO! he wanted Red...so I bought him that and lo and behold. Hubby went crazy! So now we will return them and go for blue! o what the heck! I will return them and buy him gerneric ones from Walmart for $9.99. They are not as soft, bas really he will not be wearing them much! or maybe i'll go to the mall and get him the ones with mickey mouse head on them...a lot cuter....ah decisions, decisions!

o by the way I wrote my exam yesterday. I so F'ed it !! I can not write without a computer! My hand writting sucks! In grade 8 I got a computer and since then I have not written anything by hand!


and life goes on... said...


7aki Fadi said...

they are called crocs, the only reason I am saying that is that if I tell my daughter, put your shoes on , she says, they are not shoes they are crocs!

All the kids in her class are wearing them everyday. We were shopping and I told her , you want these, she was like , OM MOMMY crocs like and she started reciting all her classmates names!

She has the ones with the Mickey Mouse, much cuter. She has a light green one with a yellow band, very nice color, nicer than the blue!

Sam said...

7aki that is too cute! i want to get him the mickey mouse ones..but im not sure if we have softmoc in saskatoon..i'll be going to the mall soon though so i'll find out:)
i like those one because they have two colours..so if zozo wants red he can have one with a red band..
hubby thinks that by wearing these shoes im making my kids canadanized...and he is wondring if im a muslim or not...i had no idea that muslims should not let kids wear rubber shoes ..or crocs like your daughter calls them:)

7aki Fadi said...

HAHAHAHA Sam, not Muslim???? I don't get it? tab shu dakhal hada bihadak?

Tell him, but they wear shorts man and shorts are more westernized than crocs.

Men sometimes are just flat our weird, he will be shocked that they will be more Canadian in Amman.

Sam said...

7aki i know funny eh?? hubby is weird sometimes..he is great..bas sometimes i just want to kick him where it hurts aad ma he can be annoying...yeh i've seen people who put us to shame with their westernization in amman and lebanon...and then never lived anywhere else..:)

Leilouta said...

"hubby is weird sometimes..he is great..bas sometimes i just want to kick him where it hurts "

LOL....I know that feeling :)