Sunday, June 17, 2007

forget him

When I was in grade 9 I went out with a guy I liked since grade 6. He was adorable, so cute. His name was Mario. He was Mexican and looked very Latin. We met in ESL class when I first came to Canada. And we liked each other instantly. It was not until we were in grade 9 that we started kind of going out. That meant that we had lunch together, he walked me to the bus stop sometimes he rode the bus home with me, and we skipped school every now and then to hang around in the mall. It was pretty innocent. My parents were very strict and we were not allowed to go out much. So we only met at school.
When we broke up my best friends back then gave me this poem. I was so sad then, it was my first heart break and I was glad I had good friends by my side. I still have the paper they gave me in Alexandra's hand writting in my shoebox in the basement of my house until now.
I was just browsing online and came across it and it reminded me of Mario, Alexandra and Sonja. I wonder what they are up to. Is Mario a policeman like he wanted to be? Is Alexandra a chef?? Is Sonja a scientist? I wish I could remember their last names, the minute I get to Toronto I will look for my yearbook and look them up.
Mario and I did hook up again in grade 11 and 12, but had to break it off because of our cultural differences.


Forget his name, forget his face

Forget his kiss, his warm embrace

Forget the love that once was there

Remember now, he doesn't care

Forget the love that you once shared

Forget the fact that he once cared

Forget the times you spent together

Remember now, he's gone forever

Forget you cried the whole night long

Forget him when they play your song

Forget how close you both once were

Remember now, he's chosen her

Forget you memorized his walk

Forget the way he used to talk

Forget the way you were so glad

Remember now, he's not so sad

Forget the times he used to phone

Forget the times you were alone

Forget the dreams he mad come true

Remember now, he's with someone new

Forget his gentle teasing way

Forget you saw him everyday

Forget the things you planned to do

Remember now, she loves him too

Forget the thrill when he walked by

Forget the times he made you cry

Forget the way he said your name

Remember now, things aren't the same

Forget the way he held your hand

Forget the sweet things, if you can

Forget the way he loved you too

Remember now, there's someone new

Forget the times he went to fast

Forget them all, they're just the past

Forget he said he'll leave you never

Remember now, he's gone forever


Tamara said...

There is nothing sweeter than pupy love : )

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

i SO agree with tammour, i got goosebumps with the description of innocence! but i have to admit heart break is never easy, whether u have a good friend around u or not..

Bashar said...

Very nice post and touching as well, keep up the good work :)

Sam said...

tamara yeh puppy love is the cutest:)

proudpal yeh a heart break is never easy no matter how old u r:(

bashar thanks for stopping by:)

redrose said...

That was so sweet and touchy Sam.. I wonder also what my old friends doing now or if they became as they wanted to be..hmmm maybe we should search them on facebook to know :)
I like how u describe and recall every details here..greetings to Mario anyhow:)

Sam said...

redrose..yeh there are things u do not forget..especially your first love,and first heart break:)