Wednesday, June 13, 2007

my home in palestine!

This is my hometown in Palestine. It was called Suhmata. A place that no longer exists. One of those houses is my grandfather's house. This is where my grandfather fell in love with my grandmother and married her. A place where my father would have grown up instead of going from one camp to another in Lebanon. A place for me to call home.
If 1948 did not happen I might have been living there now. Even if I did live abroad, I would have had a place to go back to. A place I could call home and really believe it down in my heart! Nowhere else is home really, not Lebanon, not Jordan, not Canada...I am and will always be a Palestinian so my true home is Palestine.
My family is spread all over the world. We barely know each other. I see my last name on a group on facebook , and I wonder who the heck are these people? Are they my cousins, my cousin's counsins? Their parents and grandparents probably know mine, but I do not know them! My family is very big; If we were living there now ,Suhmata would been 1000x bigger.

To my family, my homeland, and my hometown, I salute you and pray that one day you will be our true home again!

If I was ever given a chance to go back in time, I will go back to Palestine pre 1948, a time when our country belonged to us. When the streets of palestine were not full of the blood of the innocent. I cannot even imagine how that might be!


Anonymous said...

i feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

No matter where we are, or how our life is going or how good it is, we always long to be "Home".. I feel with you totally, hopefully one day you'll get to be home again and may be me too :)

Sam said...

abu shakuush, thank u:)

noura....yeh inshallah:) thanks for stopping by:)

The Observer said...

This is the case of all Palestinian families. It is sad :(

This is a very nice photo. I am glad you post it :)

Sam said...

observer, yeh it is pretty sad:(
thank u, i like it when i find old pictures of palestine..especially my home town:)

Anonymous said...

Your hometown in "Palestine" is called Amman. If you want peace, then you'll leave it at that.