Wednesday, June 27, 2007

last day of school...

Today was the last day of school. My baby officially graduated from Kindergarten. He is very exited about going to grade 1. He is actually sad about summer vacation! He wants to go to school tomorrow.

So today we went to school, the kids sang a song , ate some goodies and got their report cards. They also had a little booklet where everyone answered twenty questions. These are Zozo’s answers

1. I am happy when I see my toy Woody (we are definitely taking woody to Amman with us)

2. It makes me sad when it is too cold to go out and play

3. If I had $100, I would get a game

4. If I had three wishes I would wish for a live ostrich, an elephant and more houses

5. If I could be any animal I would be a cougar so I can scratch

6. If I could fly anywhere that I wanted to go, I would go to Toronto to see grandma and
grandpa (awwwwwww)

7. A good law for the world would be- to look both ways and be safe
(good rules to go by)

8. Being a grown-up means u can do everything you want to
(I used to think that to!)

9. People get married so they can have babies

10. The kind of wife that I would want be a girl who lives behind my grandma (after asking him few questions it turns out this girl is my little cousin, her name is Lana, she is 4.5yo and very cute, he has good taste!)

11. My mom is 7 years old
(wow that old?)

12. My dad is 6 years old
(what he is a year younger than me?)

13. When I grow up I want to be a pilot so I can fly planes

14. The best driver in our family is my dad
(what the heck is wrong with my driving??)

15. The best cook in our family is my mom
(that is for sure)

16. The rules of the school are- don’t go to gym by yourselves, and don’t get big kids books
from the library

17. The teacher’s job is to see the kids

18. The principal’s job is to talk to the kids

19. In kindergarten this year, I learned about ducks

20. Grade one will be like a roller coaster


nido said...

Oh my Gooood!! He is so cuteeeee and these answers are really amazing! I mean...the rules and the dreams! and the roller coaster thing! haha...mashallah 3alaih:) Alf mabrook on his graduation!

Anonymous said...

RE: #10 someone's in love :-)

Jundi said...

awww that's cute .. i wish i could be that innocent again :|

and sorry but LOL at "I am happy when I see my toy Woody" .. hahahaha i can't help it i'm dirty-minded :o

7aki Fadi said...

awwwwwwwwww how cute is that!

And Jundi, hahahaha ...Men!

kinzi said...

Suh-weeeeeeeeeet! Clever, clever boy. Hey Sam, I tagged you for marriage advice for the engaged bloggers out there...I especially appreciate how you and hubby loved travel, and continue to do so after to elaborate? :)

MQabbani said...

Oh so cute

and wow answers nice :)

Oriental Arabesque said...

awesome :)
very bright kid mashallah :)

bless him and the whole family :)

hamede said...

Alah ye5alelek eyah i like 11+12.

Maher said...

#12 is hilarious!

Sam said...

nido thank u:) i dont know where he got rollercoaster from..but sometimes he comes up with the cutes phrases:)

anon aparently he is , and it is my little cousin...:)

jundi..tsk tsk tsk...ya3eeb...or ziad would be telling you ya 3eebo..MEN..:)

7aki thanks:)

kinzi thank you, i just answered your tag.i hope it was good:)

mqabani thank u, he is a cutie...i love it when he talks..he still have some speech issues, so some of his words come out too cute...

Oriental Arabesque Thank you for your prayer:)

hamede welcome to my blog...thank u:)

maher shoukran...yeh hubby is 6, he thinks anything over 5 is old and big..he is dying to turn 6..

Na3ouri said...

مبروك التخرج :)

Sel3 said...

your kid is a genius, really. allah ye7me o e5alelek eya =)

Sam said...

na3ouri and sel3 thank you both..and welcome to my blog:) i enjoyed reading both of your blogs:)