Monday, June 4, 2007

A nothing in particular post

Right now I should be tidying up my apartment, getting myself ready for the day and starting on my last assignment and study for my exam, it is in seven days! Eeks! I hate exams! I am supposed to write few essays with my hands! I have not written anything longer than a grocery list for hubby in a long time!

After that I have write a letter to the TAX man because they screwed up on one thing, call Ontario’s office of the registrar to send me a form so I can make a correction to our marriage certificate (yeh almost nine years later) so we can get our marriage certified in Syria and in turn register our boys there. Then I have to finish my passport application. I am so glad hubby can be my guarantor so I do not have to send it to our friend in Toronto to sign it. Then I have to book our flights to Toronto. At 1:30 I have to go the gym, go to the mall and do some shopping, then go to the grocery store to get chicken, come home and make kabsa. Instead of starting I am sitting here blogging! I am not even sure what I want to blog about, I am all blocked out. But it sure beats doing the million things I have to do! Am I a hopeless case or what??

Ok so it is not too bad, I am on hold with the Ontario Registrar and I am told that I will be holding for a long time, so I can blog guilt free. Of course while holding I could finish my passport application or look at the Syrian embassy website so I can send hubby’s travel document for renewal (why he wants that I do not know!) ok never mind, remember guilt free blogging, I am multi tasking!

Ok now what to blog about. How about I rant about weight loss. Can someone slap me?? I had all freakin winter to lose those 10lb and be happy and fitting perfectly in my cute summer clothes, but nooooo. I had to be extra lazy and eat a tad too much! Shame shame shame! So now I have two months to lose 10 lb! Hubby thinks that I should not “natnit” too much in Jordan, so he does not think I should join a gym insert rolling eyes what am I supposed to do when the kids are in school huh?? Besides I’ll probably be eating too much knafa, and there must be a place that makes Maamoul mad with jooz in Amman! Do they have 7alwat jibin in Amman? But it is ok, I started eating healthy yesterday and I will make it to the gym 5 days inshallah!

I know they have all kinds of products in Amman now. Bas I am so worried I will not find the face wash, toner, and my regenerist Olay cream lotion with or my Pantene thicker hair shampoo and conditioner (not that it does anything to my thin hair, bas still), is there flexible hold hair spray? Or straight hair gel? I could shoot myself right now for not looking through the isle with those products at the store. How about the makeup I, I know for sure they do not have the shade of my favourite Revlon eye shadow, and lipstick. Where would you buy all those products?? From C-town, or Safeway?
What am I going to do without a Wal-Mart?? Before having kids I lived right across from a Wal-Mart for few years and I and never stepped in the store. But after kids it became a life safer. It is the best place to buy socks, baby stuff, diapers, wipes, all the shampoos and makeup, even kitchen and bathroom stuff sometimes! I would not buy clothes for myself from there, but sometimes they have cute kids’ clothes. I am going to miss Wal-Mart! And I do not care about all the controversy and bad publicity associated with it!

I’ve been on hold for 50 minutes already! Sheesh! Any phone calls made to a government office has along wait. O well! I’ll start on my passport application J it is so annoying now that we to show our passports at the US borders, passport offices have been full! Even the one in Saskatoon!


Summer said...

Sam, you will find everything you need in Amman. maybe not the same exact brand but you will find things you might like. i think they do have a selection of Olay creams and the Pantene thicker hair shampoo and conditioner... for make up you can go to Abu Shaqra and get your stuff...but i would suggest that you should get your make it from Canada, it is cheaper and maybe newer colors and selection. I don’t like Wal-Mart as much as i like Target...i get a lot of stuff from there, sometimes they have cute bathing suits and t-shirts. Good luck in your exams, passport and all the chores you have to do today! :)

Maioush said...

You don’t really have to worry about getting anything in Amman, they have everything as Summer said, actually I had hard time finding stuff I used to get in Amman here isn the states.. Especially “kohleh” until I found a brand that is as black as I want, and it doesn’t irritate my eyes, but they have Revlon in Amman, as well as the shampoo :).. so no worries.. Kids clothes.. Hmmm… can’t really help you :D never shopped for it, but as far as I know, that people prefers kids clothes from here for some reason, I’ll ask my mom where to get good brands for kids in Jordan ;)
Good luck with the essays, exams, and especially your phone calls (god I hate it when they put me on hold for ever) :D

Sam said...

summer yeh im going to bring everything with me from here plus some extras:) we do not have a target in canada, but i know alot of my US friends prefer it...

maioush i was on hold for 1hr! the longest hold i've ever been on..but im so tired of hubby saying that im not doing today i braved the wait..only to be told to send the stuff by fax..*sigh*

7aki Fadi said...

sam: "Can someone slap me??" HAHAHAHA
" I could shoot myself right now " HAHAHAHA

This post cracked me up...inti nahfeh.

So, what's up with the hallucination inducing pictures? Are you on LSD or something ...hehehe

Sam said...

7aki..walik 3shan my post is all over the place..sa3a talking about this and sa3a about that..and this picture is all over the place zay my post :p