Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Day

I know who cares, bas everyone is so busy to hear about my day!

I finally went to get my passport done today. I left late because it took hubby forever to bring me the car. Come soon at 11:00 does not mean come at 12:45!! I spent the whole morning waiting for him. My apartment was all tidy by 8:00 this morning and bolbol and i were dressing and ready to leave by 10:30! Finally at almost 1:00 I got my car, got my application, old passport, and ID’s in an envelope and I headed downtown with Bolbol! It was kinda of busy downtown so it took us a while to get there, look for street parking, finally I gave up and turn around and went into the mall parkade, something I should have done in the first place! I cannot parallel park to save my life! .
The passport office was full! The office in Saskatoon is very small. Last year when hubby went to get his passport done, it was a Friday as well and the office was empty! They were bekesho doban. This time it was busy. Thanks to that stupid travel to the US passport rule! I would have had to wait for at least 1.5-2hrs. It was already 1:40 and I had to go pickup Zozo from school at 3:00. I was about to leave and the lady who checked my application at the door said to wait outside because I am going to be next! I did not have to wait for over an hour! How cool is that! All because I filled out my application on line and printed it! I got priority over those that got the application from the mail office and filled it out by hand! So I was relieved! It takes longer to get the passports now (because of the stupid US rule!), three weeks and I am leaving to Toronto in 4wks. I do not have much time and I do not want any added stress of waiting for my passport to arrive.

I even got 40 minutes to spare! So we went into the mall. I bought two shirts for myself, on sale from $40 to $15 and a pair of summer shoes! A gift for my friend’s baby girl, (I spent so much time there, I love shopping for baby girls! The cloths are just too cute!) And I got a cute hat for Bolbol.

Phew, I am all tired now! We are off to the gym and then if we feel like it we'll go to the park. Oops I forgot about dinner! I guess we’ll have to eat out tonight!

But hey my passport is all done! And I have two new shirts! I have a present for my friends so I can visit her anytime now, and Bolbol has a new hat! I’d say we accomplished lots today! Ok so no dinner! Bas so what..hubby did not let me buy any beef last weekend and we are out of rice! What am I to cook?? Maybe I’ll grab some fish on our way home after we pick hubby up and he can BBQ them!


Summer said...

Mabrouk for the passport, the shirts, the present for your friend's baby and mabrouk for balbol's new hat!!!
you got a lot done today....and you came back with great hunt!!
Have a good evening!

nido said...

That's what I call a happy day! Full of action and achievments!! Wow...your travelling is coming soon...It must be exciting!!
have a good one Sam:)

Sam said...

Thanks summer:)

nido yeh it was pretty a very full day...after i posted we went to the gym, to the mall again and then grocery legs were soo tired!