Friday, June 15, 2007

my older sister

Long time ago when I was in Lebanon I went to school in the camp. We lived outside the camp, a 15min drive. Since my dad worked for Unurwa and my mom for the Red Crescent in Naher Elbared camp, we all went to school there.

I am the oldest of four kids. At one point it really sucked. Everyone in my class was the 11th or 13th child. They all had older sisters and brothers. Everyday someone would come to class bragging about her sister getting married, her sister having a baby, her brother taking her here and there. I was very envious. It was not fair! I wanted an older sibling, a much older sibling that would take me to the balad or to the mina for ice cream. I waned to be sister of the bride, and I wanted nephews and brothers in law! At that time I thought it was the coolest thing!

So, I made up an imaginary sister. Her name was Nadia. She was married to a man named Adel and had a baby named Basel (he was so cute). I talked so much about my “sister”; I started believing she was real that year. I think I was in grade 4. The thing is my dad was well known at the camp. He was the lab technologist, everyone came to see him one time or another. He was called Ali elmokhtabar. So everyone’s parents knew that this not even yet 40-year-old man did not have a married daughter or a grandson. Some of them were even at his wedding! But the girls in my class believed me; I guess no one bothered to ask their parents to confirm my lie.

I do not believe I was envious of that! I mean most of these girl’s families did not have much. They lived in awful looking houses all cramped up with so many people in zawareb el mokhayam. Their clothes were second hand from the bali or hand me downs from their older siblings. They probably did not get as much attention as I got from my parents. But that did not matter. To me they were so lucky to have older siblings! Thinking of it now, having an older sibling is not always a blessing! I am eight years older than my baby brother and o man he was my helper for years. He fetched things for me all the time, water, juice, fruits, cookies while I am watching TV, reading or studying.


kinzi said...

Wow, you had that brother trained! I thought it was usually the other way around? :)

I always wanted an older sibling too. You've had some interesting experiences!

Summer said...

i have older siblings,and it is ok, i mean i would have minded to be the oldest...but to have younger silbings is good, especailly when they are trained like yours!!
cute post.

Sam said...

yeh he was well trained..i gave him lots of hugs, kisses, helped him with his homework and took him to watch way too violent for his age return he fetched water and stuff for me when i was too lazy to get up...but not anymore..:( it sucks when they grow up!

summer for a while i hated being the oldest..but now if u look at us, i look the youngest...since im the shortest and of course the cutest..haha