Monday, June 18, 2007

A nice relaxing weekend

I do not have anything to blog about, so I’ll just talk about our weekend. Which was not very action packed, but still?

So my plan to go out yesterday and buy hubby a father’s day present did not workout. (Note to self: never leave things to the last minute) it rained none stop. I was dressed and ready to go out by 10:00 am (which is a wow, since I am not a morning person, so to have my apartment tidy, kids breakfast, showered, blew dried my hair, put on makeup dressed and ready to go by 10:00 is a true miracle). Every time it looked like the rain eased up a bit, we put our shoes on and oopsi it goes back to raining cats and dogs again. So we decided to stay in, had pancakes then watched happily never after over and over and over. Then I made a nice chicken and rice dinner and just sat around listening to the rain, watching TV, playing junior monopoly. It was boring, but ok.

On Saturday we finally got to go swimming at an outdoor pool. The weather was great! I did not get much of a tan though since the swimming poor Mr Ziad made us go to for kids only! But it was fun playing in the ankle deep water with the kids and getting splashed. Then playing in the sand and the poolside playground. Talk about messy though! We brought a ton of sand back home with us, in our clothes and shoes. It was a nice fun family day! Hubby went to the grocery store and got some turkey and chicken kebab and he BBQed them along with some veggies, Yummy! Even though the bbq is out on the balcony, he actually managed to get the kitchen all messy! How I don’t know! Of course since he did the “cooking” I had to clean up the mess, so not fair!

Today is a cold rainy day again brrrrrrrrrr. The grass is very nice and green here though, yesterday while watching the rain I had grass envy. I hope it is rains this much in Toronto as well, so the grass in my yard will be all nice, green and lush.

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