Sunday, June 24, 2007


There is a cougar in the city. It was spotted downtown few days ago. I probably mentioned this already, but I have an animal phobia! I am trying to be strong and not run away screaming whenever I am near a dog, you know, for my kid’s sake! It will be embarrassing if my boys are afraid of dogs! I even let a dog kiss my nose the other day! I was so brave!

But not a cougar!! On our trips through the Rockies we were always on the lookout for wild animals and would not go hiking out of fear of running into a bear, cougar, wolf or any other scary wild animal! We stayed close to the car, just in case! I know we are chickens..bak bak!

And now there is a cougar running around the city! Yeh ok I am not going for walks any time soon! I know exactly what to do if I run into one though. But still! What if he is too hungry to care! Maybe I should walk around with some meat in my purse to throw it to him so he will eat that instead of me or my kids, but then what if it is not enough and my kids look so small and yummy to him!

Ok let’s pray we do not run into the cougar hanging around Saskatoon! They are called mountain lions, aren’t they supposed to be in the mountains and not in the prairies??!
Since my kids are so into animals, we have been reading lots of animal books, it says that cougar attacks on humans are very rare! But with my luck, I don’t want to risk it!

Did you know that cougars are the only big cats that meow and do not roar! At least he won’t be scaring us with a big roar! An animal that meow just sounds so harmless eh?So if I stop posting for a while, you’ll know that a cougar has eaten me :o)


nido said...

This is scary Sam :S But you made it sound like a funny story!! Like carrying meat in yr purse..hehe...May God protect you and yr kids from that big cat!!

kinzi said...

Sam, yea, that is nightmare material. Mountain lions attacked hikers in southern CA last year, my sister's ranch in No. Cal has some living near that attack her sheep. I can't even bear to go for a walk in the woods for fear!! She has these massive Great Pyrenees dogs that can fight off a mountain lion, but I just don't even want to see one. I will pray for your protection!

jasim said...

LoooL it sounds funny!! :D

Well I have an idea, how about carrying in your purse a gun instead of the meat?! This way in case of a meeting with the Cougar you'd shoot him and protect yourself and the kids, on the other hand you'd look like a hero the kids' eyes :D

7aki Fadi said...

SAM SAM SAM .... sigh... carry the meat and this thing will follow you around; you will be like it's bate!
... LOL... ta7sheesh...

Sam said...

thanks for your prayers nido:)

jasim o no , no guns for me...being an arab muslim palestinian..i'd be classified as a terrorist right away...o i can just see the headlines!!:o) lets just hope i do not run into one..i saw one show where they people ran into a cougar..u r supposed to get a shirt or something, wave it in the air over your head so you appear very big, and in a calm voice(yeh calm! haha) shout for it to go away..i'll be staying home for a while!:)

Kinzi o no really! your poor sister living so close to them all the time! thanks for your prayers:)

7aki yeh i know, the whole neighbourhood's animals will be running after me..ever seen that seinfeld episode when elaine had mutton in her jacket pocket and all the dogs were running after her..OMG what a night mare:)

Hamza said...

DON'T..just DON'T carry meat with you. Maybe the coulgar is fasting or has never tasted meat before and you opened his "shaheyeh". So he'll definitely feast on you before your children. ;)

Sam said...

hamza yeh i've thought about it..and decided that my purse will reek with meat in it..i can do that to my cute little purse! so i have scratched the idea:)

Anonymous said...


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