Tuesday, June 12, 2007

laptop shopping!

Finally I will buy a new computer. Hubby and I are not really tech people and could care less about it... As long as it works we keep on using it. No new tech wala bateekh for us, only because few weeks after you buy what ever it is already old tech.

Since I am the one leaving I will by buying a laptop first....waaaaaaahhhh...when I come back to Toronto hubby will have a newer laptop :( o well...i always get the newer cars, I'll let it go this once!

so since I am not tech savy and I know there are few bloggers who are, I thought I would ask you to help me with what to look for when shopping! I was told to stay awar from AMD? but everything seems to have an AMD Turion processor..HELP!


Qwaider قويدر said...

AMD happen to have excellent processors. They're more on the budget side of things and are usually less expensive than the Intel ones. But for all practical purposes. AMD is as good if not better at times than Intel processors.

Now with that said, You will need to look for deals. Don't just go shopping aimlessly. You will need to wait for a good deal and grab it.
Try to look at good manufacturers like Toshiba, Dell, IBM/Lenovo, Sony Vaio, HP, Gateway, and a new company called Averatech which makes really good laptops for the price you pay.
I know you're more confused now than when you started but the bottom line is:
Find a laptop that runs Vista (if it doesn't run it, don't bother with it)
Find a laptop that is at least 1.8GHz or faster (the faster the better but naturally the more $$$)
Find a laptop thathas a LOT of memory (2GB are becoming very common these days)
Find a laptop with a large harddive (160GB or better)
Find a laptop that is light enough to function as a laptop. (Don't be fooled by 17" this .. or 18" that. At the end of the day, You will physically be carying it and carring 3.4LB laptop is not like carrying a 15LB laptop

and life goes on... said...

I wish I can help.. but i wanted to say mabrouk in advance.. a laptop is a MUST nowadays I guess.. i still can't believe I don't have one :S LOL

Sam said...

Qwaider..wow! thanks for the info!:o)

Dima hubby has been wanting to get one for a while..but we were waiting for our computer to die..it taking forever to die though! or when we move back to toronto..there is no way we will pay shipping to get our pc home:)

Who-sane said...

Just stay away from Acer laptops and you'll be fine. :-)

Sam said...

who sane how come?? they have it on sale in FS...but im leaning an towards HP...:)

Maher said...

from a guy who studies computer engineering..Go for the HP!!

Sam said...

maher yeh i think im going for HP, i have an HP pc and had no problems with it...although for a while i have been wishing it would die so i can buy a new one..but it is going strong! uff!:)