Monday, June 11, 2007

Annoying people...

I should be studying for my exam right now! I am all studied out. So I can post

Hubby has a co-worker who is super annoying. We were talking about last night and I am still annoyed at him. Lets call him Mr annoying…

Few months ago we were at a small gathering at hubby’s work and of course Mr Annoying was there. He is so annoying I can just kick him right now!

Everyone knows since we are Muslims we do not drink alcohol and we do not eat pork.
I am not a very religious person. But I still do not drink. Besides the fact it is forbidden, I cannot stand the stuff! Ewww…it is worst than Arabic coffee, even without the million spoons of sugar I put on when forced to drink the coffee! As a teenager I tried beer few times and I hated it, I tried it again as an adult and it is still digesting. Do not get me started on wine. I drank one tiny sip once at a work luncheon to be polite. I had to eat three pieces of bread to washout the taste and was still grossed out! I am never drinking anything just to be polite ever! YUCK! I love bloody Marys, but of course I always ask for a virgin Caesar, one time they made a mistake and put vodka, it freakin’ tasted like cough medicine, ya3ni what the hell?? I just do not understand the deal with alcohol! It is so over rated!

Of course we are also forbidden to eat pork. Hubby and I are not really meat lovers. I only eat it because of the high protein. It is really hard to get over 99grams of proteins without having at least some chicken and turkey for lunch and dinner. And I will not touch tofu! So really meat does not strike my fancy. And it all tastes the same to me. If someone asks me to differentiate between the taste of lamb, beef or any other red meat, I would never be able to. So really I do not feel I am missing out on anything because I cannot and will not eat pork! It s not like it is chocolate or icecream! It is meat for god’s sake; it all tastes the same to me! I can eat lamb, beef, chicken, deer, buffalo (bison), duck, turkey, chicken, or fish. The list of things I can eat is endless!

Now back to Mr annoying! At that party mentioned above he kept on shaking his beer bottle at hubby and I and saying “don’t you wish you can have some of this, come on try it?” hmmmmmmmmm are we teenagers or what?? Hubby used to drink and made the choice to stop few years ago, and like I mentioned above I have tried it and hated it. So khalas leave us alone you stupid bald man! Then every little while he would say how much this food would have tasted if it were cooked with pork, blah blah blah.
That party was over, and I did not see Mr annoying again. \

Poor hubby has to deal with him every day at lunch. He starts with you poor people cannot eat pork. Few times hubby had to explain that we do not care for pork and really stop feeling sorry for us you idiot! We are not missing out on much. It is useless though, I guess all the alcohol and pork have gotten to his brains rendering it unusable! Thankfully there aren’t too many of those narrow minded people in Canada, or not many that we came across, but in Germany hubby had to put up with too many of those remarks and bull, so I guess he is used to it now J

I knew a guy like that in high school. He was annoying bas ya3ni he was hot so it was more tolerable, he was mostly joking around. He was sixteen years old, ya3ni immature so it is understandable! And he only made those comment less than a handful of times, but Mr annoying is a 50-year-old man, what the hell is his excuse?? Too annoying I tell ya!


Qwaider قويدر said...

Just tell him, you're Disgusted to hear the word pork! And start telling him what crap the pigs eat and try to be as visual and graphic in letting him know that we are what we eat
But I guess he's the boss, otherwise you'd've already done that :)

Summer said...

I think the best way for your husband is to deal with him professionally and should not allow "outside work" talk! This man is plain stupid and much more than annoying!! Idiot, ignorant, A** can call him any name you want!

7aki Fadi said...

"He was annoying bas ya3ni he was hot "


We have a neighbor that keeps saying the same thing!
Ya akhy 7ill 3anna we don't eat pork.. like you don't eat dogs like some cultures do we DO NOT EAT PORK...

I was wondering where you were, so studying eh?

ДншдЬ said...

3adi, you can say to him that he haven't tasted "Zait o Za3tar".

and if he asked what is that, don't tell him :)

make it as if it a great dish, and not everybody is allowed to eat it...

Sam said...

qwaider no he is not the boss...just a draftsman...and we did tell him off...nice little me who is always polite even told him how disgusting beer is and how it making him smell bad..bas ya3ni he does not get it still! 7mar!

yeh hubby is ignoring him..and he has told him off few times...bas now he just ignores him..

7aki yeh so annoying..yesterday i was watching animal planet there were showing people eating beetles spider and such...YUCK! I think i will take him to these people so they can annoyin him!

ahwab...yeh zeet w za3tar..i'll say that to him next time i see him..if i ever see him again:)