Wednesday, June 27, 2007

will not forget, will not forget!

I do not believe I was this close <> to forgetting hubby’s bday again!! Thanks to Tamara and Oriental Arabesque I just remembered phew! Thank you!
I totally forgot about it last year because I was tooo busy getting us ready to travel to Toronto and Amman. I booked my flight to Toronto on July 01 so I could spend his bday on June 29 with him! And then I got so busy that I forgot!

Hubby does not care about bday’s; he thinks they are the stupidest invention ever! Apparently his mom did not have bday parties for them and did not make a big deal. So because I forgot his bday last year, he only slightly acknowledged my bday in January! He just said happy birthday in the morning and made sure to mention that I definitely do not look 31. so now I have to make a big deal for his bday, so that my coming birthdays I will actually get a present. Ok last year my “present” was lazik. Although, it was just a mere coincidence that I finally got the go ahead from him and made my appointment in January, but ok lets not be picky and call it my bday present for 2007.

So to make it up, on his birthday this year I will buy him a small bday cake; his favourite a black forest cake. The kids will make him a card and now all I need is a present. Someone small and annoying named Bolbol loves to put coins in openings, so far he ruined the CD drive in the computer, two DVD players, and his newest victim is the car CD player! So now the car CD player only works when the dime gets dislodged by accident. Hubby will be taking it to get it fixed at Honda, but until he actually gets unlazy and does it, it will be few months at least! So I was thinking of getting him an MP3 player and something that will hook it to the car. He hates headphones; he worries about his hearing *rolling eyes*. This way he can download all his favourite music and listen to it in the car and at work if he wants.

I’ll go to futureshop tomorrow and see what I can find. Wish me luck!


kinzi said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby too!! My husband is the same way, groan, so hard to bless the guy. I'm gonna surprise him with a cake and cards tomorrow, since we were too busy on his day.

Oriental Arabesque said...

Happy Birthday to him :)
i'm glad you didn't forget, i know that BD's are no big deal after all, but a small simple gesture even if just a word will make the person feel happy and remembered :)

good luck with the gift shopping :D

redrose said...

Feliz Compleano a ti :)

Tamara said...

Glad to have been of help : D I'm so happy that you remembered, good luck with the shopping.

7aki Fadi said...

happy birthday to your hubs :)

Maher said...

Happy birthday to your hubby :>
finding a gift is always hard. So GoodLuck with that also! :>

Who's-sane! said...

hey! happy birthday to your hubby!

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

happy belated bday to ur hubby :D

i was reading the marriage tag before i went lower to this post and found that ur hubby is a cancerian, i wud have sworn he is just by reading how u were describing him and his personality and character.. my better half is a cancerian, and so similar in traits.. God bless!