Thursday, June 14, 2007

Such a man already(warning a girly post)

Last night I finally cut my hair and coloured it! I have wanted to do it for few weeks, but hubby was too busy to take the kids. So finally yesterday I went to the mall and got few inches off my hair and changed the colour. When I first went in the girl ask me she ASKED ME what I wanted done with MY hair. I said just cut an inch or so off and put long layers. She did exactly what I asked! And now my hair is so cute! I can still put it up if I have to leave in a rush, but short enough that I do not have to blow-dry it everyday.

When I came home my well-trained husband said wow what a great cut, it is really great, and the colour suits you perfectly, I love it! You know all the stuff a husband is supposed to say and do after the wife gets something done.

My son on the other hand is still not trained to say the right things.

I asked him: Zozo do you like my hair cut? (Takes his eyes off the TV for a second)
Zozo: You cut your hair??
Me: Aha, can’t you tell??
Zozo: Yeh it is nice, I like it.
Me: How ‘bout the colour, do you like it? (Looks at me intently)
Zozo: you coloured it too?? (Carefully looking at my hair)
It looks the same to me! Can I have some ice cream?

It looks the same??!!! My hair was auburn red and now it is browner! It is not the same! Hopefully he will notice in few weeks when I get highlights! Well at least hubby noticed! Or did he??!!! I guess I will never know eh…


Maioush said...

Ya na3eeman ya na3eemanya Sam :D …. 3o2bali ya rab, I’ve been planning to cut my hair for more than 2 months now LOOOOOOOOOOL
I’m happy that you got the haircut you are looking for, there is nothing like it, c=some times I cry when I ask then to do something and I don’t’ get what I asked for, walahi I really cry when they ruin my hair .. na3eeman ya amar

Summer said...

Na3eeman!! no pictures?
i am sure it looks good as long as you and hubby are happy about it!!
Enjoy till the next hair cut.

Who-sane said...

na3eeman sam! :D

mashallah 3alaih zozo 3am bikbar w biseer zayna ... I'd shake his hand if I was there, lol

Sam said...

maioush u so should, a hair cut does so much for your mood...bas yeh a bad hair cut can ruin it...just like that tarek guy did to me in amman last summer! im so scared of what im going to do once im in amman! thank u:)

summer no pictures:(
thank u:) my next cut will be in few week, my last cut in canada..

who-sane thank u:)
yeh zozo is becoming such a is so annoying!

kinzi said...

Na3eemon, Sam dear, I love a long layered cut. Congrats on a well-trained husband, too! Bravo 3alay!!

My boys have become VERY particular about my appearance, too funny. When I was getting my eyebrows dyed, they deemed it SCARY, dont' repeat. So now, anytime I wear something they don't like: "No, Mom, you look scary".They don't like full make-up either (although Little Kinz loves it!)

Ammar said...

as Kinzi said..Na3eemOn! lol

7aki Fadi said...

Na3eeman Sam!

I am terrified of getting a hair cut here. But I decided I am going to get highlights, see what happens :-O.

And Zuzu kaman on his way to be trained!

Manal said...

Na3iman Sam..I know the lovely feeling to have a new look ..a new color..I love brown color..chocolate or redish one..but when it comes to cut it..NO way even in inches..we're in June now..hmm I remeber the last time I cut it off on the last Jan. bs 5alas I have to cut the damaged ends and to color it..ops black roots ballashu yetla3u..:) coloring is fun for me..na3iman again Sam.

Sam said...

manal thank you:) i love cutting my hair..i get so sick of it soo soon...:(