Friday, June 8, 2007

No more school...almost

O NO! In 20 days my baby will be done with school! He will be graduating from Kindergarten.

He is so looking forward to starting grade 1. Since school is so much fun, he is actually sad about not going to school for few months thing! Little does he know that in few years he will not be able to wait until June and the summer vacation?

Speaking of schools...can anyone (Kinzi?) tell me what age kids start grade one in Amman? It is different everywhere. Kids born with zozo (nov01) in the US will be starting Kindergarten in Sept! In Ontario kids start Kindergarten at 4, but in Saskatoon and most other provinces they start at 5. So I should not just assume that Ziad would be going to grade 1 in Amman eh??

There goes my 2.5 hr of just Bolbol and myself. I am sooo looking forward to next September or do schools start in August in Amman?? I will have time all alone. No kids! I can go to the gym, shopping, hang out with friends, get my hair done without having to ask hubby to watch the kids and hear him whine, or just stay home and watch the one of the 10000 movies on my to watch list on a rainy day...the possibilities are endless to what I can do in those few kids free hours.

Ok so I came to the computer to proof read my assignment and mail it to my proff, but instead, somehow blogger website got opened and these few paragraphs got typed, how? I have no idea! The procrastination queen does it again!


ammoontie said...

Hi Sam,
Just dropping by to say hello to you. Nice and interesting blog.
Hope you are done with your assignments and have a wonderful week. Take care..!

Sam said...

Thanks for stopping by ammontie:)