Thursday, June 21, 2007


Wohoooo I just saw my mark for my English Lit course online and it is a B+. Yippy, I did great on my assignments but the exam really worried me. Since I had to write 3 essays in 2.5hrs time by hand!! Yes by hand! My handwriting is more or less pure chicken scratch! It is very hard to write and essay by hand, no spell check, if you change your mind it is not so easy to erase a paragraph and rewrite it! When I left the exam room I was thinking, I’d be more than happy to get a 50% on my exam! Not that the exam was hard, I knew all the topics and had lots to talk about, but just because of my awful hard to read handwriting. I can just picture my poor proff grading it! But I got a 75%, so yippy!

I know, I know, it is not the A I was used to while I was in college. But studying through correspondence is hard! I did well in school before because I attended most of the lectures and paid attention to the important ones, plus I did lots of group studying. This teaching myself thing is hard! Annoying hubby will not even hear of me going to our local university to take these two courses then transferring to the my university L o no, he would have to put the kids to bed, OMG!

Two more courses until I finish my degree, it only took close to 10yrs to complete, Hahaha. I hate it when hubby is right! I hate him! Ok not really I love him, but still it is annoying how he predicted it would take me 10yrs to complete when I first started. Well what do you expect, I was either working full time with lots of traveling, and being a wife to him, or being a full time mom with a part-time small business to work on and still being a wife to him. Besides, like everyone knows so far, I am a huge procrastinator! I could not take more than 2 courses at a time! But now it is almost done, and I can really concentrate on my CGA certification. Who knows what I'll do next.


Who-sane said...

YAAAY! Congrats sam!! so all those hours of blogging didn't go to waste huh? ... lol

wish you the best of luck with your next ones! :)

Summer said...

You are almost there!!! Good job! as long as you graduate, it does not matter how long it will take.

and life goes on... said...

congraaaaaaaaaatulaaaaaaaaaationsssss!! WOOOW im sure it feels great and all.. you're almost there!! you should be proud of yourself.. i know it's not easy with the kids and all :) Good luck with what's left!

7aki Fadi said...

Awesome! yallah 3o2bal you finish all the courses and graduate.

Sam said...

who-sane..thank u:o)

summer yeh, i know..i will eventually graduate..the reason i did it through correspondence is so i could finish faster..haha..o well..:o)

dima..yeh almost there...i would have been there already..but the course i was taken when i got pregnant both times were not complete because the last thing i wanted to do was study while feeling nauseous all day i have to retake them now..:)

7aki than u:)

Sam said...

7aki sorry that was thank you:) i have got to stop typing too fast! it is getting to be too annoying! ufff!

kinzi said...

Sam!! Bravo 3alayki!!!Oh my, though, maybe this means I'll have to finish my degree someday!

nido said...

with all this blogging and you got a B+!!! This is great Sam! I mean with the kids around and being a wife1 amazing!! I mean, sometimes I feel I'm too busy to continue my studies...and I'm still with no kids!!
Mashallah 3alaiki:) Alf mabrook! and good luck with the rest:)

redrose said... time inshalla A :)