Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the tooth fairy..

Tonight the tooth fairy came to our home for a visit. She picked up zozo’s tooth. She will be using it to finish building her castle. And she left him a $20 bill. He wanted a kite. I guess the tooth fairy should have left 20 coins! A bill meant nothing to him; it is just a green piece of paper! He was not too thrilled about getting money he wanted a kite! How the heck was the tooth fairy supposed to put a kite under his pillow?

Apparently he likes the nail fairy better (the fairy that comes at night and cuts his nails because he is so annoying when awake and will not give me his hands to cut his nails). The nail fairy gives him candy. Because you know, candy is so much better than money. KIDS, it is so hard to figure them out.

Sniff, sniff, my baby is growing up! How the heck did that happen? One day he is a tiny baby and now he is a 5.5yr old boy with a missing baby tooth. This tooth came in in March 2002! It is the first tooth to come in and it the first one to come out.

It seems like a losing a baby tooth = tween attitude! In the past few days he has been talking back and giving us this attitude. He was calling me bossy this morning because I would not allow him to eat a cookie before his breakfast! ME! BOSSY!!!?? I am so taking my $20 back!
Is it just me or does time go by way too fast?? I do not remember time passing this quick when I was a little girl. It used to take forever for the school year to be over, now the year is finished with a blink of an eye! Hubby says that there is barakeh in time anymore. It is so true. I wonder if the time is really going by faster or is it that you notice it more as you age.


ma7joob said...

this is so sweet , the part about cutting his nails at night and the part about the tooth fairy , well anyways , ya time goes by so fast, ya3ni it feels like yesterday i was in school with no worrys , just playing with my friends , now am freshmen in a uni , those 10 years felt like 2 years , so before you know it , you're little baby will not be a 30 year old married man with his own babys

7aki Fadi said...

Awwwwwww Sam, he lost his first tooth. My goodness I can't even go this far with daughter.

And 20 Bucks, OH MAN, I thought a dollar is what you are supposed to give!!!

And yes the age makes time go faster, cos I don't see anybody under 25 say that, sigh...we

nido said...

4 of my students have lost their teeth this month ONLY! and they drive me crazy pretending that it's hard for them to pronounce some letters correctly just because they lost a tooth! Mabrook for your son!
Here I noticed that it's a big deal for them to loose a tooth that their teachers give them a case for it and they give them awards and stuff! it's so funny! I only remember throwing it away asking for a better one! Plus some money JD 1 or sth under my pillow!! $ 20!! WOW!! hehe

Summer said...

Mabrouk the loss of his first tooth although i think he is too young to lose it now, usually after six years old...but i could be wrong! or maybe i forgot?? it has been too long!
Yes, the older you get the more time goes by fast! so try to enjoy your kids when they are still young....and i agree with 7aki, $20 is a lot of money, i used to give only $1 for a tooth and $2 for a molar!! ( i had to set a limit) and then i would take the kids to get something they want as a gift of achievement, although it is a natural one! Have a wonderful day!

Who-sane said...

20 dollars?!!

I used to get a shilin for each tooth and I couldn't wait for them to fall off so I'd get more shilins :(

Sam said...

he is only getting a $20 for the first tooth he will get 4 quarters! which will make him happy..lots of moneys he calls them..

ma7joob...thanks for visiting my blog...he is growing up so fast..i do not beleive how fast..i wish time would stop still for a while..

summer yeh i would have thought it is too early..but i know few kids from november 01 forum who have already lost few teeth so it is ok..he started teething at 3month and got his first tooth at early comes, early goes i guess:o)

7aki i guess a dollar would make more sense..i will be broke if i give him a 20 for each tooth..:o)

nido yeh there was no ceremony for me when i lost my teeth either...didnt even get a frang..bas i got almost straight teeth i guess i should not complain eh??

shilin?? bas yeh that was in ancient times who-sane :)