Monday, May 7, 2007

Our Trip to Vancouver

Our Trip to Vancouver is fast approaching. Hubby is taking 10 days or so off. We plan on leaving on Saturday morning. Hubby won, we are renting a van for our trip. I would have liked to rent an SUV, but we were as cramped in that as we were in the car, and for such a long trip you do not want to be cramped.

The first eight hours of our trip will be pretty boring, driving in the prairies of Saskatchewan and Alberta *yaaaaaaawn*. We will drive from Saskatoon to Banff; a 9.5hr drive. Did you know that King Hussein had a home in Banff?

From there I still do not know where we will go. I need to book hotels. We will probably stop at radium hot spring for few hours. It is so refreshing. I cannot wait! I think we will stop at Kelowna, and few other places. The drive from Banff to Vancouver is not that long, but because we want to drive around the mountains it will be slow.

I have never been to Vancouver, it is on the ocean and I love the ocean. Maybe we’ll go to the island and to the beach.

The one cool thing is I will have ten computer less days! I’ll miss my blog! And my baby center friends. How will I live without my computer? If I want to order pizza, I usually come online to find the number and the info.

The only thing is that we are scared of is running into bears!! Man those things look so cute and cuddly, but they are huge! Did you know that a 20million year or so ago bears were the size of dogs? In the information booklet you get when entering Banff, they have information on what to do if you run into a bear. Are they kidding me? Do not move while a huge 1000lb bear is charging at me at few km/hr? Gosh I’d probably pass out if a bear charges at me! Well let’s hope that we do not run into any bears or cougars. Nice wild life is ok and the kids will love it.

O and their goes my weight loss efforts! No gym, and eating out for 10 days! I guess I will have to find a way to workout everyday before going to bed. Pilates, some weight training or hopefully the hotels will have exercise rooms! Where there is a will, there is a way :o)


Qwaider قويدر said...

Oh my god ... we gotta meet when you reach vancouver. It's only 2 hours drive from Seattle, and I love it soooo much!
If you meet a bear, just round yourself in the 'fetal' position and most of the time, the bear will leave you alone.
Avoid any strong smells or foods when you're in bear land
Enjoy your trip .. and see ya in Vancouver :)
Tip: If you're booking a hotel, stay AWAY from downtown, they're TOOOO pricy and completly junk. I stayed at the Hayat there, and still regret it.
Best locations to stay are outside of the town. Surry, Barnaby are good places to start looking.
And don't you dare forget to visit White Rock! Its the most beautiful sopt in Vancouver ... (20 minutes away from downtown, at the American/canadian border)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

wow.. it looks like to much fun.. post the pics of the bears and everything there :) Have a great trip..

Sam said...

qwaider, i did not know u were in seatle..come down to will be cool meeting u:)
yeh i do usually like getting a hotel downtown anywhere..I will make sure to check the white rock:) we will probably stay in vancouver for 2 days to recoup from our drive:) then we will need a vacation to recover from our vacation:)

mr alramahi thank you:) it will be fun...driving in the mountains is so refreshing:)

kinzi said...

you guys are SO adventurous!! what a blast!

so hubby won? ;)

I skied in Banff once, it was gorgeous. The moose were scary, though, but at least they don't charge. :)