Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Finally back home

I cannot say I missed my dingy apartment, but it nice to be back “home” I guess. Our trip was great. The kids were better than great. They behaved so good considering they were stuck in their car seats for so long. We drove for a total of 4500km in those 11 days.

It was good being together as a family, without a computer, work, and phone calls in between us. We did have friends with us for the first 3 days of our trip. Which was even more fun. But they had to go back to Calgary when we drove to Vancouver.

We spent two days in Kelowna. I would not mind living there. It the warmest place in Canada, and it is beautiful. With a huge lake and surrounded by mountains. Why could hubby not have gotten a job there instead of Saskatoon?
We went sailing, horseback riding and shopping there. I was surprised when my son rode a horse all alone and was not scared. I guess it is time for some horse riding lessons eh?

Vancouver was ok; I am not too crazy about the dark skies and rain. So I am not in a rush to move there, although hubby’s friend is badgering him to go work with him there. Thanks, but no thanks! We went to the zoo there. The zoo is not big; I am staring to think that the Toronto zoo is the biggest in Canada. It was fun; the kids are so into animals these days. We went to aquarium and took the ferry to Vancouver Island. Where there was a tiny mall beside a casino. I went shopping while hubby went into the casino. He actually won $2500! Which he is feeling guilty about, when the heck did hubby become so religious? And I know you are thinking I probably spent a lot in the mall, but not even one penny was spent there. The mall was so tiny there were no stores that appealed to me, not even the bookstore!

Of course Banff and Jasper were as amazing as ever! We saw two dead bears on the side of the road :o(poor little guys! And we got to see two bears walking around eating whatever off the ground. We also saw two deer fighting, MEN! No matter what species they are, they will never grow up!

We stayed at six different hotels. They were all nice. After our last mini vacation in Edmonton and that horrible hotel we stayed at, I had to be careful. In Edmonton we stayed at the Hilton, it is only 2 blocks away from the horrible hotel we stayed at last month, and only $40 more. But man what a difference!

Speaking of hotels, what they hell is deal with the stupid sheet tuck in. has anyone watched the Seinfeld episode when George is complaining about those tucked in sheets and asking the maid for one tuck in and one no tuck. He is right; those damned tucked in sheets are sooooo freakin’ annoying! I know, I know you can untuck them before going to bed. Sometimes you forget, and you are in bed all sleepy and you have to get up and untuck them, or be annoyed all night long trying to move the blanket around. Sheet tucking should be banned!

O and I got to finish three books on our drive. From Banff to kelowna we got stuck in traffic for three hours due to a mud slide. We were lucky it was only three hours; I heard it was worse the day after. I was so glad to have my books to read then, I would have gone crazy just sitting there. At the end my friend and I decided to walk down you know for exercise, but the minute we started walking the traffic moved.

Speaking of exercise, I planned on working out at the gyms at the hotel. I am so not a morning person, I got up early twice to workout and I barely had any energy to finish the 30min of cardio, so I gave up. We ate so much junk food; I am not going to eat out for at least a month to clean my system out of that junk. So needless to say, I am as fat as I was before I left, if not few pounds more. But as of today I am officially on weight loss mode and have to need to, and I will inshallah lose those goddamned 10lb before I leave to Toronto and maybe Jordan in mid July.

O o more thing! I got home at 7:30 last night and I actually unpacked right away!! Not the next day, not a week later, or a month later like I used to do. I unpacked on the same day and I even did two loads of laundry. I am so proud of me! When I came from Jordan last summer, my bags sat on the floor for at least one month!

Ok I done now , for real, wallah!! I hope I did not bore you guys:) What? Me boring?? No way eh?


Qwaider قويدر said...

7amdillah 3al salameh ... :)
Too bad .. I didn't get to see you guys in Vancouver :(

I'm glad you had fun... nothing beats family road trips

Summer said...

El 7amdulillah 3ala Essalameh!! sounds like a fun trip and good quality family time!! Inshallah dayman!

and life goes on... said...

El 7amdilla 3al salameh.. Im glad you had so much fun.. :) it feels great to unpack the moment you get back home... I love this part ;)

Maioush said...

Alf alf alf el 7amdella 3ala el salameh Sam.. we miss you girl.. I’m glad you had fun :D …
Families road trip are one of the best things you can do… welcome back home my dear :)

Sam said...

qwaider , i know we didnt get to time inshallah:)

summer thank u:) it was great family time..thanks to the computer, tv, dvd those are hard to come by these days!

Dima yeh it is nice to have unpacked..i was debating it last night.but im so glad i got done.. it feels good:)

maioush thank you dear:) i love road trips they are great:)

nido said...

7amidllah 3assalameh!!! 4500km driving!! wow...a very long road trip!! I love this kind of trips:) I'm glad you had fun and welcome back home:) And No more junk food till you go to Amman;)

7aki Fadi said...

7amidllah 3assalameh!

I am glad you had fun :)