Saturday, May 5, 2007

Yikes! Our move to Amman!

It is becoming more and more real. Hubby just went to western union to wire some money to his sister, a deposit for our rental in Amman.

I just sent a message to someone who is looking for a short-term rental in Milton. I guess their home closes in December but they want to move sooner. If the rental goes through there is no turning back! I have to leave or else stay in s’toon or live at my parent’s house until December. Yup no that won’t do. I love my parents but their house is a 24hrs full house and everyone keeps on telling my kids don’t do this and don’t do that. Ma badi ta3keed lelawlad.

I will be calling my travel agent to get tickets for the four of us. I guess I will keep mine and the kids open for a year.

3an jad a big yikes!! I am so worried now because I could not buy coats for the kids. By the time we decided to come all the winter stock was out of the stores. Ya3ni I am so pathetic it is not like I am moving to the middle of nowhere. There are coats in Amman for god’s sake; maybe a bit more expensive than what I would spend at sears here, bas sho ya3ni? I am a huge spender; hell I usually spend $200 in less than 24hr usually 3la ashya’s fadyi. And now I am worried that coats for the kids might cost $20-50 more? Big deal! And I am acting like I will not be buying clothes and stuff from Amman. Now this is a big joke! I would have to never step into a mall for that to happen. I am a shopaholic! Who cares how much more expensive things are in Amman than in Canada? Like that ever stopped me from shopping eh? What a joke! And now I know there is an Aldo in Amman, nothing will stop me!


and life goes on... said...

There are many things in Amman, don't worry with the city mall .. it's turning more like Dubai. So we have Aldo (reminds me of Dubai), Promod (reminds me of both frankfurt and Dubai), Pimpkie (reminds me of europe ,Germany and France), foot locker (but it's more expensive than it's supposed to be in any normal country), umm what else, don't worry even for the kids, you'll get many options.. so stop the shopping from there! and now we even have SALE.. REAL SALE

you'll see by yourself when you get here ;)_

MQabbani said...

shopaholic !

am still fight to understand this in ladies , i need to handle it soon , i HATE shopping , and they told me , you should not cuz her later on ... ...

Ladies , aaaa5

Sam said...

Dima i know i saw lots of malls and shopping places when i was in amman last summer..and really sales? real sales? i love sales..they are soo good at sales in canada, i hardly ever pay full price for anything...:o) i got so used to it..:)

mqabbani...usually women do not like to go shopping with men! when i first met hubby he was so into shopping with me, he would even ask me to try the outfits on and he was so patient..turns out it was a tmaskan latemakan act. that lasted for 2 yrs...bas i love shopping alone or with my girl friends..hubby only comes to the mall with me if we are buying clothes for him..wbas! he is not allowed to come with us to the mall..he keep on saying yallah yallah....hmmmmmmm i guess he does that on purpose so i eventually get sick of him saying yallah, and i do not make him come shopping with me..bas it is ok..iam a solo shopper..