Thursday, May 3, 2007

At the Gym

I do not why I don’t go to the gym more often. Working out is the best energy pill ever!

While I am on the elliptical huffing and buffing, I am so tired my legs and heart cannot take one more minute of this, I give myself the 5 more minutes pep talk. Why does that 30min of cardio feel like forever? It makes it even worse when the elliptical facing the TV are in use, and I have to use the ones on the opposite direction, or when the TV’s are playing something stupid like an annoying football game! In few weeks if I keep on going, the 30minutes on the E-trainer will not feel so long. I love the soreness I get after a weight training session, today is lower body day, I may not be able to walk without saying ouch for a couple of day but I will be loving it.

I do not get how people can workout while reading a magazine though?? The most I can multi task while at the gym is working out, listing to my mp3 and watching a TV show, but reading? No way!

Anyways, so yesterday I finally made it to the gym. I am feeling better, just a little cough and the kids are feeling better so I can leave them at the gym daycare. It is like everything is against me losing this weight. When I decide to start being good and working out regularly we all get sick! Sheesh! After gym, the kids and I went shopping, I bought the cutest pair of sandals, then we had dinner at Tim Hortins, came home I tidied my apartment while hubby read the kids some books and got them ready for bed, folded the laundry, put away, and I still had lots of energy to do more, but I opted to reading a book instead (the time traveller’s wife) which I am loving so far! Usually by 5pm I am so out of energy and ready for bed! J

I love my gym, it is close to home, have a great day care and the facilities are nice. But social life at the gym has become none existent over the years. I remember few years ago I spent more time chitchatting than actual exercise at the gym. But now everyone has their headphone on, making them very unapproachable. Everyone just works out and leaves, with a polite hello and a smile here and there.

However, the best time at the gym ever was at college though. We would all decide to go to the gym for little workout, a game of badminton or to just shoot hoop. We had good intention; we wanted to get some exercise during our break! On the gym floor we’ll find a group of our friends sitting playing cards, and it is rude not to join them sa7? That was the time I learned how to play 6arneeb. But it was not all bad; every little while some of us would get up and play badminton or shoot hoops (I suck at both). Thankfully I was going to an outside gym in the morning before classes, otherwise I would have gained a lot of weight; that was my Harvey’s poutine phase! I had Poutine for lunch and when I had late classes I ate it for dinner as well! I drove my friends crazy with my poutine habit. Thankfully that phase was over before I graduated. A sit-down all day office job, and eating 700 calories for lunch, would have made for a very fat Sam!

So as I was saying, working out is awesome; the benefits are countless. It gives us energy. It is great for our hearts. It keeps our bones healthy and prevents loss. It increases our muscle mass so metabolism does not slow down as we age. It keeps us feeling younger, and it is great for our skin. Of the course the biggest plus is that it keeps the flap away, and makes clothes shopping a lot easier. With all those benefits I do not know why anyone would choose not to exercise!


Qwaider قويدر said...

Ahhh, so you go to the Gym so that buffed guys can look at ... well .. your gems :)
Tsk tsk tsk Sam ...

Sam said...

o man how could i miss more benefit to working out is the eye candy at the gym..yum!

bas no im not that comfortable working in a coed environment, so unless the women only part is full and all the good machines are taken...i do not workout in the coed part of the gym:)

and life goes on... said...

I workout while reading a novel ;) haha and it's amazing, you don't get tired.. and you'd stop checking the time ! I can't workout without reading.. find it too boring and too hard, the other best thing though is watching TV, something interesting of course, songs make me bored :S

another thing i like about working out is the fact that it helps in getting all the stress and anger out. So if I feel mad, I'd run faster.. haha

Sam said...

Dima, i tried reading a magazine yesterday and it was hard to keep on flipping the i watched everybody loves raymond instead...i only look at magazines during my last 10min on the bike...i am sitting i can read:) bas on the etrainer and the treadmill i cant:(

nido said...

The first time I tried reading a magazine at the gym, I feel down on the machine, that was awful!! But then I got used to it;) It needs practice...Now i'm using the elliptical, and it's eally good, I love gym at home:D Good Luck Sam:D