Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Real Age

What is your real age??

Stages we go through as we age:

At 5 you love your age, and will go into a screaming fit if someone says you are 6 or 4

At 12, you start lying about your age. Adding 2 years to your age, because older is cooler.

At 18 you are finally at a cool age so you happy with your age .it is the perfect age, no need to lie. You are at the perfect age until you hit 25.

At 25 you start to practice lying about your age. You jokingly say I am 24 and 15 months and so on. It is ok because you are still in your 20’s

At 30 you officially start lying about your age it is not a joke anymore. You will be 29 years old for so long you eventually forget how old you really are.

At 40 you are still lying about your age, but now you are stuck at 35 for the next few years.

After 50 you will be 45 for few years.
After 60 you stop caring, you have more improtant things to worry about

If you happen to make to 100, you gloat about it and feel special. I am 100 years old and I am alive! Go me, go me....

But really, what is age? It is just a number. How you feel, look and act is what determines your age.

And hey according to real age, if I “chose” to lie about my age, I will not be lying since I am 6 years younger than what my age is


Qwaider قويدر said...

yep it's just a number ..
I think the ladies practice this a little bit more than men. You see, many feel insecure about thier age, while men couldn't care less. They want to be 21 or older so they could buy beer, that's all they care about!
There are milestones in life, everyone looks up to them. 18, 21,25 and the rest ... well .. not worth mentioning :)
So how old are you simsim?

Sam said...

yeh, bas u know some men have surprised me..
how old am I? 29 weshwai..

Qwaider قويدر said...

let me guess ... 29 and 82 months .. :)

Sam said...

noooo u r way off.....and dont u know better than to ask a woman how old she is??:)