Thursday, May 10, 2007

Phew! all done!

I am so glad I am not a travel agent. That is no easy job!!

I just finished booking our hotels for our upcoming trip to Vancouver. It took me forever! I have never planned a trip with multi stops. We usually go to one place stay there for few days and come back.

After our last hotel stay in Edmonton, did I talk about how horrible the hotel was in my last post?? Well it was bad, horrible, nightmarish, ok maybe not this bad but bad enough to make me paranoid. So I had to be more careful. I wanted something that was at least three stars and I wanted it in nice areas.

So there it is all done now we will be driving from Saskatoon to Banff, staying there for one night. That is a 9.5hrs drive! We leave Banff and drive to Kelowna, we stay for 2 night there. That is a 7hr drive. From Kelowna we drive to Vancouver. We stay for 3 nights in Vancouver. We leave Vancouver to a resort near Kamloops. We stay there for two nights. Then we drive to jasper, stay there for one night and then come home to Saskatoon. Total drive is 37hrs. We will need a vacation after our vacation.

Three of the hotels have an exercise room, none of the hotels in Jasper or Banff have one but we are only staying there for one night so it is ok. I have this plan to get up very early, at 6:30 and go workout before we start the day. This way I can shower and get dressed early too so I do not get hubby whining about how long I take to get ready. MEN! Do you think I can do it?? I am not a morning person! But I will try; all for the sake for losing some fat and gaining some muscle, so all my cute summer outfits will fit good again. Which will be worth it, sa7? I can do it, no more lazy Sam! Just think of the burst of energy I will get waking up so early and working out!

Our friends may join us from Calgary, but I am not sure yet. It will be fun going togther.

Now I have to call our travel agent to book tickets to amman. yikes!


Maioush said...

WOW Sam… all I can read is driving driving driving from here to there, one night here and one night there .. you WILL need vacation after your vacation :D ..
Hope you’ll have fun, and good luck waking up that early in your off time!!! I’m not a morning person either, that’s why my gym schedule is always in the afternoon :) .. I just can’t get up in the morning to exercise …yeah I’m that lazy :D ..
Good luck and take care on the road ;)

Sam said...

i know too much driving...but the drive will be through the mountains..and the scenery is it is very worth it...we are really just going for the scenery...we could have flewn to vancouver, but the drive is very worth it..we have been planning to do this since we got married..but driving from toronto to vancouver is tooo long...saskatoon is half this is our chance:)
i am really going to try to make it to the gym early..if i dont i will not get a workout :(

7aki Fadi said...

this sounds like tons of fun :), hope you have a great time.

by the way, it will be fun reading your posts about Amman, do you have a PC there?

Leilouta said...

Have a good vacation. I love road trips :)

nido said...

I'm sure you are having loads of fun!! Road trips are great:) wish you a safe one back home:)