Friday, May 25, 2007


When I was going to school in Lebanon my friends and not so friends used to call me eldaloo3a. I used to hate that nick name. I acquired that nick name because I called my mom and dad "mama and baba" instead of yama and yaba like they did in those ancient days when I was a kid.

I do not why this just popped into my mind right his second, when I was contemplating finishing my damned assignment. Of course instead of working on my assignment I decided to blog this silly thought.

I wonder what my old friend's kids call them now, do they call them mama and baba or the old fashioned yama and yaba?

OK khalas I am going to work on my assignment now, no more blogs, no more baby center, no more face book, no more anything. My exam is in three weeks and I still have two assignments to finish. This correspondence study is sooo not for a procrastinator like myself!

O well of I go comparing and contrasting short stories, yippee!

o remember how I said I love the grass cutting thing on my guilty pleasures post? Well now the maintenance guy is cutting the grass, I love the smell but I hate the sound when it is right under my window. OK who cares eh??

hmmmm what else do I want to babble and ramble about before I log out and start on my assignment??

nothing comes to mind, so I guess I'll get back to work :o)

o no wait, let me list the nicknames I was called growing up. My uncles had nicknames for all of us. Two of my nicknames were najeeb eltaweel, and watwatoon. I have no idea what watwatoon means, I guess someone who is very tall. I guess I was tall when I was a little kid. I hated being tall, I used to spend the night praying to god not to let me grow anymore so my uncles will not call me najeeb eltaweel and watwatoon anymore. Well guess what? god listened to my prayers and I stopped growing at 10 years old. I was 5'2 and still am until this day. I wish god did not listen to my prayers until 2 inches later. But there you have it. I am not najeeb eltaweel or watwatoon anymore! Thankfully I left Lebanon before they came up with more nicknames for shorty little me eh?
My cousin was very chubby, and she lived with them in the same house. They had many nicknames for her. It is not wonder that when she got the chance for revenge she took it, who can blame her eh?

Back to comparing and contrasting.


and life goes on... said...

I don't see dallou3a as a bad nickname :D haha.. you should see it as a compliment ;) not everyone can be dallou3a and sweet at the same time.. !! I was called a barbie at school... and i considered this as a compliment ,, people who came up with it thought it would bother me, but what bothered them more was my cold and funny reaction.. i didn't give a sh** ;)

Maioush said...

SAAAAAAAAAAM.. you were Najeeb el taweel??? Tayeb I was parying for god not to let me grow since I was 7 .. but gues mine didn’t work :S .. I kept growing until I reached 5.11” EH!!! And my biggest fear is to keep growing more than that :( .. I will be a giant if I grow more than that .. pray for me since yours seems to be working ;)

MQabbani said...


is it possible , i cant remeber any nickname , they just called me SORI (Syrian) mwafa2 al sori , and in Syria when go in summer they called me al 2ordanoi !!!!!!!!!
yeah ... in uni i had Dr.Virus and Mr.NET ..

daloo3a is my sis nick name now

Sam said... was just annoying having everyone call me was ok at first..bas it got soo annoying!:o)

maioush, i dont want to jinx it..bas alhadmoullah allah always accepts my the hight thing..i even prayed to wear glasses when i was 10 and traa few weeks later i got glasses! i wish i prayed for a million dollars then..better than being short and wearing glasses:) eh?:o)

mqabbani..i forgot, i was also the falastinya in my all lebenese neighbourhood...:)mr net is a cool nick:) i never had any nicknames in canada...which im actually thankful can be so mean!:)

ma7joob said...

what's wrong with mama and baba !! today's kids call thier parents mommy and daddy .

and btw you're weird , ya3ni you're the first one i see who PRAY TO BE SHORT AND WEARING GLASSES !!!!!

Sam said...

ma7joob i was less than 10yo, what did i know?? i thought wearing glasses is the coolest thing best friend at the time so why not me...aaah so stupid..but i do not need to wear than anymore...god bless who ever invented the lasik!:)

Summer said...

Very funny thought!!
I know how you feel about blogging and reading blogs all the time! yalla, let me know when you are ready to join the BA (Bloggers Anonymous)?

Sam said...

summer didnt you see my comment on 7aki's blog?? im so ready to join you guys in the BA...I am doing my assignment right now..and every few lines i go online to check a a hopeless case:)

nido said...

This is so funny! I had so many nicknames all through my life, and I still do...I loved them all except for the very mean one "om arba3 3yoon" -Cuz I used to wear BIG glasses-!! I used to feel really bad when stupid old guys at the school's bus would call me this, but other than's been nice:) I bet you'd like to be called dallou3a these days ;)

7aki Fadi said...

Sam, summer:
it exists???
check this out

redrose said...

if my kids (in future tab3an heheeh) wil say papa and mama they will be an old fashion..poor kids they should say pappi and mummi :)

Hehhehe you pray not to be tall and to stop growing!? ana 3aksek pls god I don't like to be short!

Nicknames..they are a real fun we have nicknames for most of people we know (we like joking a lot at my family) like saba7 el 3adada..she bites kids..and Yanal shabbar (he talks while he is waving by his hands)I don't know if you got it but it's a real fun!

Summer said...

It has been three days since you blogged last!! everything ok? i hope you are done with your paper.

Sam said...

red rose my kids mray7een rasoon..we are on first name basis here! my almost 3yo still calls me mama still...but hubby is hami(rami) to him now:)

summer one of my papers is more to go:o) i was shawi too busy to post this weekend:) thanks for asking:o)