Tuesday, May 29, 2007

rain go away!

rain, rain go away, come again some other day!

It has been raining since yesterday! It is so windy, and cold!

I hate this weather. I guess I have to wear my hair curly today. No point spending 20min blow drying my hair straight only to have it rained on and going back to curly any ways!
This is the perfect stay at home, watch a movie or read a nice book weather! But noooo I have to take the kids to the dentist, then to the gym and then to the library. It is so unfair! I hate going out in the rain. I hate it when water comes on my feet so I have to wear my winterish shoes since all my summer shoes are open toed sandals. It is only +5 , so I have to dig into my not so summery clothes. It is supposed to stay like this until tomorrow evening. I am so not going out tomorrow! I’ll work on my assignment. I am starting to really hate pride and prejudice! Books are fun to read, not to analyse! My essay is going to be on the significance of letters in the book. I found a perfect essay about it online! Damned plagiarism! And then I will start reading 1984, it’d better be good!

This month I have read four books! It is driving hubby crazy! Ya3ni isn’t it better than watching tv?? I am usually not the read a chapter here and chapter there kind of person. Usually when I start a book I finish it within a day or two max. These days between hubby, the kids and my mommy and wifely responsibilities it is next to impossible. So I am training myself to be like a normal person and read few chapters, put the book down, read more the next day and so on. So far so good!

I read the time traveller’s wife, which I loved! It is a very nice book, well written and keeps you interest all the way though. I just heard they are making a movie! It will be interesting to watch! I can not wait!

The kite runner was good too. I enjoyed reading the book. By the middle it gets a bit depressing especially when talking about the Taliban and he does exaggerate a bit I believe. But all in all I enjoyed reading it and I am looking forward to reading his new book.

For an light read on the drive back home from jasper I got a light read. Sweet revenge, I love books about revenge. It was ok, not great, but after reading two somewhat intense novels it was nice to read something light.

And I finally finished reading pride and prejudice! I watched the movies when I was half way through it. So I was not too exited about reading it. Note to self: never watch the movie until done with the book!

I am also reading parts of Palestine children for Ghassan Kanafani. I’ve never read his books in English before! I like the Arabic versions better. From time to time I read from speak bird speak again. I finally found a folk tale that my cousin used to always tell us when we were kids. What is up with all this ghoul stuff old folks used to tell!

Ok I am done procrastinating and writing blah blahs. see when I write about everything and everything it means im procrastinating.


nido said...

I wish it rains here & the temp. goes down for a while...the weather here in San Jose is driving me crazy...I mean I'm not used to it yet...really warm day time, and when the sun goes down, it gets really cool...flu is everywhere here!!
It's good that you are back to reading! Don't stop and yr hubby will get used to it:)

Sam said...

i'll send u some of the rain! alhamdoullah it does not rain that much in saskatoon..it rains alot more in toronto as hubby likes to always point out! bas still rain is annoying! really it cools down at night? i think that is is a blessing actually...this is what i like about amman..how it is cool at night so u do not have to have the noisy a/c running..this is why i dread going to syria and lebanon in he summer it is hot day and night..and I hate the A/C unless it central..!